Wrath of Loki

When your father Odin comes to you and says that your brother Loki is on the warpath — you know, again — you don’t argue. That’s because when Loki is on the warpath, Ragnarok — aka the end of the world as we know it — is close at hand. Let’s face it, even the Norse gods don’t want this to collapse. So you have to stop the chaos and make sure people can get on with their lives.

Find what you need to push ahead

Once Odin is done explaining that you need to stop your brother, it’s time to unlock the portals that will take you from one level to the next. To move on, you need to find a few items hidden in the environment around you. This environment will change from a mead hall to places like a battlefield strewn with detritus.

In each level, you will be asked to find specific items needed in order to try and unlock a portal that will allow you to move on. Before you can move on, you will also have to solve some kind of riddle. Items vary in type but are usually related to the environment.