The Nest Secure system comes with two Nest tags that can be used to quickly turn the system on and off. However, they can get lost easily, so here’s what you can do if that happens.

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The nest tag is about half a dollar in size, but it has a small rubber loop that allows it to be attached to a key fob. However, with something this small, it can be out of place at some point, especially if your teen has one.

Unfortunately, Nest doesn’t have any «Find My Nest Tag» feature where you can find a lost tag, but you can at least turn it off remotely so that if someone else grabs onto it, they can’t. use it to disarm your system.

Open the Nest app on your phone and tap the Settings button (gear icon) in the top right corner of the screen.

Click «Security» at the bottom of the list.

On the Security page, scroll down and select the orphaned socket tag.

If you think you’ll eventually find the Nest Tag, click Access Nest Tag.

From here, you can disable the use of the Nest tag by clicking on the toggle switch, but it will still be attached to your Nest account.

If it’s a lost cause and you think the nest label is gone for good, you can click on «Remove nest label» at the bottom.

Click «Delete» when a confirmation pop-up appears.

As stated in the Nest Tag Access menu, someone who has lost their Nest Tag will still be able to arm and disarm the system with their password — they will no longer have the convenience of the Nest Tag until it is replaced with a new one.

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