The Google Creative Lab has developed software that helps turn your Raspberry Pi into a simple web server. The tiny web server can then be used by computer science students for web development. Coders is an experimental open source project developed by Googler Jason Strigel, designer Jeff Baxter and a small team based in New York. According to the developers, installing the Raspberry Pi will only take ten minutes. and then you can use the Pi as your personal web server.

The coder can be used to learn web development from scratch, or it can be used by web programmers as a personal sandbox for their experiments. It’s designed to be simple — you can download the installer to a 4GB SD card and pop the SD card into the Pi. Establish a connection between your Raspberry Pi and your computer. Go to coder.local in Chrome to connect to your new Coder.

The Raspberry Pi has taken over the space of the mind as an effective educational tool. Moreover, it has been modified in many innovative applications. In the same vein, Coders has been released as an open source platform. That’s why the developers say:

The coder is open source, so everyone can help make it better. Fix bugs, create new features, and help make Coder the easiest way for new programmers to learn how to build things for the web.

The Coders installer is available for both Windows and Mac. This is a 1.04 GB download. Tell us what you think of this development. While there are other ways to use your Raspberry Pi as a web server, this seems to be the easiest to set up.

Source: TechCrunch

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