I feel a slight rush of red bloody water as I walk towards the narrow tower of light. This is the place where there are two absolutely massive high doors, the only structure in this strange landscape that I am in. I manage to reach the doors, push through them, and am engulfed in a bright, blinding white light. I gasp as I sit on a block of stone surrounded by a flickering torch and raw stone hewn walls.

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Layers of the atmospheric maze

From the moment you wake up, you are immersed in the world of Theseus. That is, you are deep in the bowels of an absolutely massive labyrinth, consisting of more floors and rooms than you can count, collapsing before your eyes. For real, Theseus’ environment is the real star of the show. More than once I caught my head looking at fine details in areas I knew I could never explore.

When I saw the massive Minotaur burst onto the stage for the first time, he took my breath away.

While the world around you looks great from a distance, it doesn’t quite manage to get close, which is a real shame. Your character — never named but thought to be Theseus due to his Greek-style armor — looks more like something from a PlayStation 2 game than anything recent. However, it really doesn’t break the deal. History and labyrinth is what you are actually watching.

When I saw the huge—and, dear God, it’s huge—the Minotaur burst onto the stage for the first time, which took my breath away. In many ways, Theseus is unsuitable for the environment because the rotting labyrinth was built for the Minotaur to roam.

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