HTC Vive

If you’re one of the many people with a pre-ordered edition of the HTC Vive, you’ll be a little surprised to see how different the Vive is now from someone walking into a store to pick it up off the shelf. The last update happened in January and all the little changes came together to form a decent little update.

Here’s what’s changed since the original launch of Vive!

WAY smaller package

HTC Vive EcoBox

Meet the EcoBox, a smaller version of the HTC Vive packaging.

HTC Vive EcoBox

We found the codename hidden in the source code on the HTC website, but the actual packaging is officially known as 77H02568-00M Rev.D. This revision indicator is often confused with a headset revision, but VRHeads has confirmed that it is, in fact, a packaging revision. Either way, EcoBox is a cooler name, and I’m guessing it comes from the total lack of foam inserts in this new package. It’s all cardboard and paper, and will probably save HTC a lot of money on shipping.

Oh and this too much smaller than the launch window. This new box is thinner, lighter, with an actual handle at the top, and will actually fit on store shelves. The difference in the two packages is personally stunning and credits HTC for being at least a little more environmentally friendly.

New 3-in-1 cable