Star Trek: Bridge Crew

Star Trek: Bridge Crew is a lot of fun, but sometimes it’s very difficult. There are plenty of ways your team can run into trouble early on, and since this is a heavily online multiplayer game, this means you can let your entire team down!

Consider this a crash course in bridge brigade readiness, cadet. These five tips will ensure you’re ready to go, no matter the scenario!

Triple Check Your Tracking Controller

Star Trek: Bridge Crew

No matter which VR system you use, you need to be absolutely sure that you won’t run into tracking issues in the middle of a mission. The good news is to solve this problem before choosing a position on the Bridge.

When the game first starts, you are in a small vessel with menu bars all over the place. While in this main menu, make sure you can reach this entire area without interruption. Try to reach under the console, on the far left and right, and of course the menu above the console. If you are sure that everything works well, you are ready to play without problems with the tracker.

Complete the tutorial. All this.