The Raspberry Pi 4 is the latest version of the fantastic single board computer. As with previous iterations, the Raspberry Pi 4 adds tiny devices with more processing power, memory, and extra functionality.

Even though the Raspberry Pi 4 is small, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a proper home. There are some great Raspberry Pi 4 cases out there. Some Raspberry Pi 4 cases come with automatic fans, while others are sturdy and durable.

Here are seven of the best Raspberry Pi 4 cases you can buy right now.

1. Official Raspberry Pi 4 Case

raspberry pi 4 official case

First of all, the official Raspberry Pi 4 case. This Raspberry Pi 4 case picks up where previous official designs left off. The case is a simple yet comfortable design, available in red and white or black and gray. You’ll find matching cutouts for your Raspberry Pi 4 ports, and the case itself is equipped with anti-slip feet to stop unexpected movement during use.

The case fits snugly on the Raspberry Pi 4 and ensures it won’t move. All working lights are visible in the official Raspberry Pi 4 case as well. As far as Raspberry Pi 4 cases go, the official Raspberry Pi 4 case is a great cheap option.

2. Miuzei Case for Raspberry Pi 4 Model B

The Miuzei Raspberry Pi 4 Model B case is a step up the Raspberry Pi case ladder, at least compared to the official Raspberry Pi 4 case. One of the first things to look at are the four aluminum heatsinks. The heatsinks come in three sizes, are self-adhesive, and will help keep your Raspberry Pi 4 cool.

You can further increase cooling by using a Raspberry Pi 4 fan case that attaches to the top of the Miuzei case. The body of Miuzei is made of acrylic so as not to interfere with the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth signal of the Raspberry Pi 4. It also has rubber feet for added stability.

Another handy feature is the USB cable switch. You connect a USB switch to your Raspberry Pi 4 and you can easily turn the device on and off without unplugging the power cable. However, be aware that it does not perform a shutdown sequence, but simply turns off the power to the device.

3. anidees Aluminum Extra High Pi case

You never know what you might need or want to hook up your Raspberry Pi 4 to. The Anidees High Pi Aluminum Enclosure takes care of the expandability thanks to its ultra-tall design, with 29.5mm between the Raspberry Pi 4 and the top cover. The extra space in the Extra High Pi aluminum case has other benefits as well.

The case has more airflow using two additional cutouts, and the aluminum shell helps dissipate heat faster than other options. You’ll also find rubber feet for extra protection and sound absorption, and a stylish transparent top cover to show off your device’s inner workings.

4. Argon NEO Raspberry Pi 4 Case

Argon NEO Raspberry Pi 4 Case If your Raspberry Pi 4 case is on display, consider the elegant Argon NEO Raspberry Pi 4 case. The polished slim aluminum body will fit next to your TV, monitor or anywhere else in your home.

The body has a magnetic body design. You slide the top half of the Argon NEO back to reveal the connections at the bottom, which also helps keep the case cool. Convenient cutouts are provided for each port of the Raspberry Pi 4, which is convenient and easy to use.

5. EleDuino Raspberry Pi 4 Case

The EleDuino Raspberry Pi 4 Case is a great option if your Raspberry Pi 4 is in constant use. This is because the case comes with two intelligent temperature control fans. The fans are mounted on the top of the Raspberry Pi 4 case and react to the temperature of the board’s processor, adjusting their speed as the temperature changes. The fans are connected to two GPIO pins, which in turn read the temperature.

However, the EleDuino Raspberry Pi 4 case also has a large button, also on the top of the case, that you can use to turn the fans on or off manually. The case of EleDuino Raspberry Pi 4, like the fans, is made of aluminum and acrylic. The combination allows the EleDuino case to dissipate heat quickly while being strong enough to prevent external damage to your board.

6. GeeekPi Raspberry Pi 4 Acrylic Case

The GeeekPi Raspberry Pi 4 Acrylic Case is another handy Raspberry Pi 4 base case. Well, I’m talking investment — GeeekPi’s offering has open sides to ensure your Raspberry Pi 4 can breathe. So this case should stop the board from overheating when in use. The GeeekPi Acrylic Case is made from, you guessed it, acrylic.

Acrylic is strong and durable, does not interfere with incoming and outgoing signals. The case also includes a fan for additional cooling, as well as four self-adhesive heatsinks. You must change the fan speed manually using the GPIO pins, which allows you to switch between full speed and quiet cooling modes.

7. Case for iUniker Raspberry Pi 4

What if you have multiple Raspberry Pi 4s? Well, you need iUniker Raspberry Pi 4 Cluster Case. This is a stackable Raspberry Pi case that holds up to four boards. Each level of the stack has a fan that is controlled by individual Raspberry Pi 4 devices from their GPIO pins. You will also find four Raspberry Pi heatsinks in the package.

The iUniker Raspberry Pi 4 Cluster case is an acrylic design with metal legs and stands. Product reviews suggest that the instructions included with the cluster case are limited, although the overall design of the Raspberry Pi 4 Cluster case is fairly straightforward without them.

Raspberry Pi 4 NES and console cases

Unfortunately, since the Raspberry Pi 4 is relatively new, there are no Raspberry Pi NES or SNES cases available at the time of this writing. This situation will change with the growing popularity of the Raspberry Pi 4.

A post on the Raspberry Pi forum illustrates how the Raspberry Pi 4 fits into a NESPI+ case. The answer is that it fits, but the case requires some extra cutting to allow access to each port. Being able to fit your Raspberry Pi 4 into a NESPI case is entirely up to you, but the current NESPI design doesn’t allow it to be used out of the box.

What is the best Raspberry Pi 4 case?

The best Raspberry Pi 4 case really depends on how you use your devices. If you use them around the clock as a server, consider the case of integrated cooling. I would suggest the same if you were using a Raspberry Pi 4 as a gaming console. If you carry your Raspberry Pi 4 in a backpack, you need a sturdy case.

The Raspberry Pi 4 is undoubtedly a great upgrade for a single board computer. Here’s Why Everyone Should Try the Raspberry Pi 4’s New Features and impressive features!

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