Now everyone knows about 3D printers and what miracles are performed with them. What you may not know is how much fun 3D printing is and how much fun it can be for your whole family and group of your friends. We’re talking about 3D board games.

I know what you’re thinking. “Man,” you ask, “how is it free if I have to buy a 3D printer? These things are worth thousands! »Firstly, you can get pretty good 3D printers under $1,000 for A $100 3D printer could be coming soon. Many schools now have 3D printers that you can use. Check with your library too.

You can also search local makerspaces or hackerspaces. hacker space. This is a kind of clubs, equipped with all sorts of wonderful technologies. It’s a very inexpensive way to indulge in a new 3D printed hobby and maybe teach your kids how to make your own kid.

Let’s take a look at just some of the games that you can play and enjoy.

The zombie apocalypse

If you like handheld games, fast play, zombies, and a cute button, Zombie Apocalypse is for you. This is a game that can be played by 2 people of any age. The premise is simple. You have a human and you have 3 zombies. If you are a human, you need to move from one side of the board to the other in order to win. If you are a Team Zombie, you must trap people so that they can no longer move.

Zombie Apocalypse 3D Printable Game

The game may seem familiar to you. This game goes back to the French military, where it was known as the Hare and the Hounds. Or that hare and hounds in French. Zombies equal hounds, and man equals hare.

Zombie Apocalypse 3D Printable Game

Zombies go first, moving one zombie one space, but only forward or sideways. The person then walks, moving one position in any valid direction (indicated by the lines on the board). This goes back and forth until the person is all the way through or until the zombies block the person completely.

Printed samples are simple and easy to handle. The creator of AndyGadget has uploaded all the 3D printing files needed to create the game. It also provides container print files for all of this.

Zombie Apocalypse 3D Printable Game

If you want to take this with you on family trips, I suggest sticking magnets to the bottom of your zombies and humans and cutting the metal pieces to fit into the hexagons. You could even go one step further and do X and Os so you can play that on the middle part of the board.

Archon: board game

This is for nostalgia. If you have a Commodore 64 or Atari, you’ve probably played Archon: Light and Darkness. If you’re under 40, this game may have been the inspiration for Harry Potter’s battle chess.

Archon Light and Dark

The game unfolds like chess, but when two opponents meet in Archon, the battle takes center stage and the winner enters the field. Sometimes there is even a double kill without a winner. To win the game, you must either take 5 power points on the board, destroy all of your opponent’s pieces, or destroy all but one piece that you imprisoned.

How does a game like this make a jump from the screen to the table? It will apparently take 30 years, but Jimmy Wilhelmson did it. Much of the design was focused on accurately reproducing 2D 8-bit characters in 3D physical objects. When you look at them from the side, they appear just like on the screen. However, looking at them from other angles, it’s still pretty clear who they should be. Creating this effect is more difficult than it seems.

Archon Board Game 2D Icons

With the game making the jump to the table, how do you play the battles? As you copy pawns, knights and goblins attack quickly but weakly. Or how Dragons are very strong and have a ranged attack, for example? It looks like Wilhelmson didn’t get it, but I’m sure you can create your own way of replicating battles and odds using dice. In this case, fleshing out the game will be a lot of fun.

Before that, download Archon [Больше не доступно]to play on a C64 or DOS emulator. or try the updated version called Archon Classic on Steam.

Checkers Throk or Castle [Больше не доступны]

If you like point-to-point turn-based strategy games, you’ll love Troke. Also known as «Castle Checkers» or «Siege», Troke was a classic board game from 1956 and appears to have been discontinued in 1967.

Trok - Checkers Castle

Youmagine contributor Joe Larson remembered Throk and thought of him to recreate him and posted the design files for use. Once you read about how he plays, you’ll want to give it a try.

3D printed Troke

Each player moves «three different kinds of pieces (tower, wall, and moat) across the board diagonally forward, straight, or sideways, but never back. In some versions of the game, points are scored for capturing the opponent’s pieces and forming complete «castles» (tower, wall, and moat) on the player’s goal line. Otherwise it’s a race to see who can get all of their pieces to the goal line. A feature of the game is that if you merge with one or two different pieces, you make one or two extra moves. You are allowed to merge (capture) with enemy pieces and thus move them away from your target and towards your own. »

3D printed Troke pieces in the game

The game is complex, strategic, the 3D version has pieces and a board that is more pleasing to the eye than the original. How fun is that?

Seej [сломанный URL удален]

Speaking of siege, it’s only natural that someone would create a 3D printed game using classic siege machines like the catapult. Just the idea of ​​having your own little catapults throwing balls or pennies shooting ballista is reason enough to print these files.

Seej Starter Set 2013

The fact that there is a gaming aspect is just a bonus. It’s a bit like capturing the flag, only the goal is to topple the flag. Players agree in advance which weapons can be used. You then set up three flags behind the walls and fortifications, which you set up as you see fit. You and the other player take turns shooting. The first player to knock over all three of the other players’ flags wins.

Of course, there are other details in the game, but this is the main idea. Be careful playing this though. Apparently, ballistas «…can do some real harm to soft tissues.» Perhaps there should be a file for printing a protective mask.

MicroPlanter Chess Set

Nobody wants to hear about another 3D chess set. Chess is definitely a cool game, but come on! million downloads 3D chess. there. So why am I including this one? Well, that’s nice.

MicroPlanter Chess Set

Each piece is a tiny pot for growing a small plant. Do you know how everyone has chess sitting in the corner of the room, gathering dust? Print this and you have a single chess set that should have dirt on it.

MicroPlanter Chess Set

I think about it. How ideal would it be to have a cactus as a rook? Or a wise bishop? Maybe you could grow onions and parsley in them. Then, while your opponent is wasting time contemplating impending doom, you can snack on an onion. Then add some parsley to keep your breath fresh as you say «Check and mate».

George R. R. Martin’s Cyvasse (unofficial game)

We’ve saved the best for last: this is arguably the coolest 3D printed game ever. From the mind of George R.R. Martin, land of Volantis, and Aryan Croft’s computer from Pocket Tactics, Kivass arrives.

Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin Kiwass Unofficial

If you’re a Game of Thrones game, fan, you will know what Cyvasse is. If not, then that’s okay too. The game stands on its own and you don’t need to know anything about the books or shows to enjoy it. It just looks cool, even if you don’t play it.

Kivass pieces close-up

The game board may look like a chessboard, but it doesn’t really look like it. The barrier is placed in the middle of the board. Each player then places their strongholds and mountains on their side of the board. They then place their game pieces around their stronghold. All remaining game pieces remain hidden.

Cyvasse Wall Up

Now the game is starting to look a bit like chess. The two players take turns moving the pieces to their destination. Parts can be taken and the citadel. When the stronghold is taken, all hidden players are also taken. The game continues until the king is captured, whether the king is on the board or hidden in the fortress.

What game will you print?

3D printers are fun on their own. Creating your own games and inventions just make them more fun. Will you print and make one of the games above? Have you found another game to print? Maybe you can create your own game from scratch. Whatever you do, you will get twice as much pleasure knowing that you had a hand in making it a reality. The game has begun!

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