Looking for new computer parts is really fun. Well, at least that was the case until computer hardware became more expensive and prices stopped falling. Luckily, there are some decent options if you’re looking for cheaper hardware, both new and used.

In any particular order, here are some of the best online stores for finding cheap (computer) computer parts when repairing your computer or looking for a new one from scratch.

Caution when buying cheap computer parts

Much can be expected from cheap computer components. If they are too cheap, you have to ask yourself «why?». Why can one store afford to sell it at a significantly lower price than its competitors?

The answer is usually «it’s a scam».

There are other problems as well. The price of RAM has gone up over the last few years, so any «cheap» parts now look like the usual bargains of yesteryear. Similarly, cheap processors don’t exist unless you buy used ones, and even then some processors are surprisingly expensive.

Case in point: I thought about a small CPU upgrade for my main system. It has a decent i5 3570K that never let me down, but I wanted to bump into an i7 3770K for extra capacity. Intel 3xxx processors will hit the market in 2012. And the price of the new i7 3770K? Just like six years ago; I should have just splashed out a little more then.

Adding to the problem is the cryptocurrency boom. The price of Ethereum and other GPU-mined cryptocurrencies may have fallen, but the demand for new GPUs for mining rigs remains stable. At the same time, GPU prices are at least lower than at the peak of the crypto mining market.

Used parts, remanufactured parts and competitive prices is the way to go if you need cheap equipment — either this or unbranded imports from China.

1. For wholesale computer parts: AliExpress

Ali express discount cheap ram

Suitable for: cheap equipment without brand, wholesale components, computer components, RAM, hard drives, hard drives, power supplies.
Avoid: processors, graphic processors.

Let’s start with the last thing mentioned above: Chinese imports. China is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of computer equipment. AliExpress is a huge online store. where you can find all kinds of equipment, branded or otherwise. Branded equipment still costs about the same as a US or EU supplier, but equipment from manufacturers you’ve never heard of can cost significantly less.

RAM, HDDs, and SSDs are worth exploring, depending on your budget and willingness to make the deal. However, graphics GPUs don’t exist, and the same goes for processors.

Now, does it cost less because the hardware is not as good? Or is it just brand weight that drives up the cost of other equipment? The answer is somewhere in the middle. AliExpress sellers are either companies or individuals, but it differs from Amazon in that it does not directly sell any products.

2. For refurbished computer parts: eBay

Suitable for: new equipment, remanufactured equipment, used parts, computer stores.
Avoid: Any deal that is too good to be true — because it probably is!

Then, eBay is a great site for tracking down cheaper computer hardware. How to find a good deal on eBay patience and perseverance. Set yourself a realistic price quote for the equipment you need, stick to it, and wait. At some point, your product will appear at the desired price, within reason. (You won’t get a $100 GTX 1080 Ti if there’s something wrong with it or it’s a scam.)

As with AliExpress, you can find unknown manufacturers among other listings, as well as new, used and refurbished parts.

3. For end-of-season sales: Newegg

Suitable for: sales at the end of the season, big budget discount, wide range of equipment, customer service.
Avoid: Spend all your money on end-of-season sales by posting on the forum before looking for similar questions.

Newegg is synonymous with great computing deals. You can find a range of new and refurbished computer parts as well as traditional Newegg offerings. Deals change from day to day, so if you have any particular equipment, it’s worth checking back periodically. To help you, you can add these components to your wishlist and Newegg will send you an email if it goes on sale.

Newegg has a few other good points as well. For example, their forums are very active. Other users will direct you to the right hardware to build your PC or otherwise. Additionally, hardware manufacturers have been known to review and proactively respond to user issues to ensure everything is running smoothly, while their YouTube channels make a decent video comparing different hardware you might want to pick up.

4. For Huge CPU Discounts: Micro Center

Micro Center for cheap processors

Best for: discounts on the processor, basic hardware discounts, general store, real help.
Avoid: not so much!

Micro Center is a special choice for this list. Why? Because this is the only option with a real bricks and mortar store that you can pick up your equipment from. (Forget FedEx pickups!) Also, if you’re having a hard time figuring out what equipment you need, their in-house teams are usually knowledgeable and not just looking for another sale. Yes, and they tend to match prices in online and real world stores too.

But it’s not just bricks and mortars. Micro Center has a long and respected history of great hardware discounts, especially on processors.

5. For cheap RAM: Amazon

Suitable for: returns, Black Friday discounts, ever-changing hardware discounts, cheap RAM.
Avoid: over high prices for certain goods, the price increases before large sales.

I keep the Amazon section short and sweet. Amazon has some fantastic hardware offerings; given its size, you wouldn’t expect anything else. Alternatively, you can switch between purchases directly from Amazon or through an Amazon-verified third-party seller. The latter can often give you additional discounts, along with some of the protections provided by Amazon (return policy, customer service, and supplier communications).

However, keep an eye out for prices like Black Friday and Amazon Prime Day. The prices of some hardware components have been known to creep up in the days before the discounts appear even larger during the sale event. (Use these apps to track price changes and make sure you get the best price!)

6. For weekly computer deals: SuperBiiz

superbiiz online cheap computer component

Suitable for: discount packages, weekly offers, open-box.
Avoid: expensive shipping methods, somewhat questionable return policy.

SuperBiiz is a user-friendly computer hardware site with decent discounts on a wide range of components. The site has regular products with an open sale window that you can hit your luck with, and you can sometimes grab a little more via the mail on a discount scheme. Also, if you’re looking for some slightly older equipment, SuperBiiz’s super steals section has some deep discounts and great prices on offer.

The downside to great deals is somewhat questionable customer support, seemingly random shipping times (depending on where you are, no matter which shipping method you choose), and a return policy that appears in reviews for all the wrong reasons.

That being said, you should keep in mind that any equipment you wish to return, other than DOA equipment, should not be taken out of the box at all. Once you open the box, SuperBiiz will make it difficult for you to get your money back. Stay in touch!

Huge Shout: PC Part Picker

So, PC Part Picker is not a shop. But it’s a fantastic tool for keeping track of PC components as well as checking their compatibility. PC Part Picker shows a number of online stores and their current price along with the hardware you have selected. You can make a truly informed decision about whether to choose individual parts or just buy each component from one outlet.

Best Cheap Computer Parts Stores

As mentioned in the section on cheap PC hardware, finding really cheap PC hardware is hard. The amount of the discount usually depends on the equipment you want to buy. Looking for a brand new Nvidia GeForce GTX 2080? You will struggle to find a discount on this.

Thinking about picking up a slightly older GTX 980? There is a good chance that one of the sites above will have it in stock at a good discount.

Another way to save money on components is to really figure out what you want to use your computer for. If you only need a machine for browsing the Internet, reading and sending e-mail, and word processing, you can build very cheap systems, regardless of extra discounts or cheap hardware deals.

And for more help, be sure to check out our list of what every PC builder needs for a successful build. follows —

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