Skyrim has arrived for PlayStation VR, allowing you to truly feel like you’re traveling the world. This massive open world game features dragons, magic, combat, necromancers, vampires… and more. While it’s true that you can do anything, a few tricks up your sleeve can definitely help you survive. Whether it’s your first visit to Skyrim or you’re returning for the umpteenth time, these tips and tricks will help you get through your journey.

We have Skyrim VR survival tricks for you here!

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Take advantage of new VR features to wreak havoc

When it comes to movement and control, PlayStation VR gives you two options. You can opt for a DualShock 4 controller for a more classic experience, or take advantage of the exciting abilities that a pair of PlayStation Move controllers bring. Each controller option also gives you access to different movement modes.

You can swing your sword or even throw your arm up to block shots with your shield.

While the DualShock controller gives you a more classic experience, using a pair of Move controllers really makes you feel like you’re fighting monsters. You get access to teleportation to move around, and combat is a completely different experience. Using the Move controllers makes diving a lot more exciting, allowing you to swing your sword or even flick your arm to block shots with your shield.

While your move defaults to teleporting by default, if you prefer direct movement, you can switch between the two movement options from the main menu. You can switch between these movement options whenever you want. This means that you can choose to move directly or teleport, but you will never be fully involved in it. You get some serious benefits by choosing to teleport, even if it seems odd at times. In addition, you can now dual-wield magic, which is new to Skyrim and makes casting mage spells more dangerous than ever.

Step-by-step instructions for switching between movement types.

  1. Open Main menu .
  2. Select gameplay settings .
  3. Select VR .
  4. Select traffic .
  5. Choose the type of your movement.


Unlike regular couch gaming, Skyrim VR puts you right in the middle of the action. Instead of rotating the camera during the game, when you run through a mountain in VR, you need to look around. This is for two different reasons.

First of all, keep an eye on those around you so that nothing sneaks up on you. Of course, most villains will make a noise that will alert you to their presence, but this is not always the case. Another reason is that Skyrim is full of quests, cities, dungeons, and areas for you to explore. If you only ever look straight ahead, you’re missing out on half the fun. Of course, the ability to look up and fall into the stars is worth it too, so be sure to look around and see everything Skyrim VR has to offer.

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