The Amazon Echo can perform many tasks with just one voice, such as turning on the lights, setting alarms, and even playing music. But when it comes time for a game night at your house, Alexa can also be a huge help. Here are some great ways Amazon Echo can help the next time you’re out of the game.

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Choose a card


Whether you’re performing a magic trick or just need a random card to play with, you can ask Alexa to choose a card from a standard 52-card deck.

All you have to say is «Alexa, choose a card» and she will randomly choose a card and tell you what it is. Unfortunately, that’s where her skill lies when it comes to playing cards, as she doesn’t understand something like «Alexa, pick five cards» which would make such a skill much more useful.

flip a coin


Need to make a decision and don’t want to take responsibility for yourself? Ask Alexa to make the decision for you by asking her to flip a coin.

Just say «Alexa, flip a coin» and she will give you heads or tails. Something like this can be great if there are disagreements during the game and you need a decisive factor. If there is no coin nearby, you can easily use the Amazon Echo as one.



Opening a board game and finding you’ve lost your dice is one of the worst feelings, but the Amazon Echo can save the day.

Echo is actually very diverse when it comes to dice. Alexa can roll one die by saying «Alexa, roll a die», or have her roll multiple dice by saying «Alexa, roll two/three/four dice».

You can also use the Amazon Echo while playing Dungeons & Dragons by telling Alexa to «roll a 20-sided die». You can also go harder and say, «Alexa, roll three 20-sided dice.»

Select number


We’ve all probably played the «pick a number from 1 to 100» game to determine who gets the last donut, and to get rid of human bias, Alexa can be the deciding factor.

Just say «Alexa, pick a number from 1 to 100» and she will give you a completely random number that falls between those two numbers. You can even go higher than that and have her pick a number between 1 and a million if you like.

play bingo


Bingo is a really fun game and it’s no surprise that there are establishments dedicated to the game of bingo. You can easily play it at home, and Bingo cards are easy to find online and print, but what if you don’t have a bingo set?

Alexa can easily act as one thanks to a third party skill called Bingo. With this skill, you can open it and start playing. Then just say «Next» to have Alexa call the next number. When someone has Bingo, they simply yell «Bingo!» to end the game.

Play twister


Twister is always a fun party game. Not only does this generate a lot of laughter, but it’s a good way to get to know other players quickly. However, if you can’t find that damn spinner, Amazon Echo can help you.

A third party skill called Twister Spinner can act as a virtual spinner and call out moves for you. Just say «Alexa, start the Twister Spinner» whenever you want it to trigger a move. It’s not as convenient as having a physical meter in front of you, but it works in a pinch.

Image credits: Eugene Kim / Flickr, Michael Kote / Flickr, morebyless / Flickr

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