Computers age quickly. After a year they mature, after three years they become elderly, and after five years they retire. Both geeks and regular users are used to or annoyed by the quick swap cycle.

Part of the annoyance is the uncertainty of substitution. When do you upgrade or repair a computer, and when do you just give up, build or buy a new one? This is a difficult question because there are many variables, but I will try to keep this question simple.

Checking and Troubleshooting Software Issues

Should I upgrade or repair my computer?  taskmanager2

If you’re thinking about upgrading or repairing your PC, chances are something is wrong. Your computer may chug. Or perhaps it won’t start a new program.

These issues can be caused by software issues. Performance degradation is not inevitable, but it is often due to excessive software accumulation over time. The more software running in the background, the more CPU cycles and RAM are wasted without much benefit.

We’ve looked at ways to do this before. You can clean up your computer junk third party software with automated scripts or use software to optimize the performance of your PC. I recommend that you read these articles and listen to their advice before making changes to your computer’s hardware.

Hardware upgrade

If you’re still having issues after cleaning your system, it’s time to invest in new hardware. But how do you know what needs to be updated or even help? Let’s go through each major component of your PC one by one.


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The processor is involved in many PC functions. This is especially important when trying to complete a task that requires a lot of calculations. For example, adding a filter to a photo requires a lot of math. The task of the processors is to count the numbers.

However, it is important to distinguish the difference between number processing and program loading. Some users find that their processor is the culprit when their computer boots slowly or takes forever to load Firefox. This is probably not the case. The computer’s RAM or hard drive will most likely cause slow boot times.

An easy way to measure performance is to download SiSoft Sandra Lite and run some CPU benchmarks. The software has a comparison tool that shows you how your CPU compares to other, more modern competitors. This information can help you decide if an update will be helpful.

Should you update?

Processor upgrades can be tricky. This is due to the fact that the processors are installed in certain sockets on the motherboard. Sockets are usually replaced every few years, so an old computer may not be compatible with a new processor.

If your current computer can’t install new processors, you’ll also need to buy a new motherboard. Replacing a motherboard is a difficult task, and it’s hardly worth paying someone to do it. Many users will be more profitable to purchase a new PC.

Laptop users are almost always better off buying a new PC. Some laptops can be upgraded, but replacing mobile processors is extremely expensive.

video card

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The first step in a potential graphics card upgrade should be to download 3DMark 06 or 3DMark 11 (if your card supports DirectX 11) and run a benchmark. It will tell you how your system performs compared to similar systems. If the score is low, try removing the video card and cleaning it with compressed air. Then reinstall it and run the test again. A low score means it’s time to replace the graphics card.

You may also find that a graphics card upgrade is necessary simply because it no longer plays games at acceptable frame rates. This is typical for gamers who want to enjoy the latest 3D games at their best settings.

Should you update?

Replacing a video card is not difficult. The card is inserted into a PCIe slot, which is usually only accessible by removing the side panel of the PC. Replacing the card takes only a few minutes.

Deciding which card is right will take longer. I suggest reading the latest reviews from the Tech Report and the Anandtech GPU Benchmark page. Also check out the power supply. on your PC. Graphics cards need a lot of juice, and stocks on OEM machines are sometimes not up to the task.

Most laptops cannot upgrade their graphics cards and are hard to come by and expensive. Buying a new laptop is usually the best option.


Should I upgrade or repair my computer?  RAM2

Computers tend to consume more RAM over time as more background software is installed. Newer operating systems may also consume more RAM. Over time, the memory on your computer will start to feel inadequate.

You can check how much RAM your computer is using by opening the Windows Task Manager and going to the Performance section. Don’t be alarmed if you see 75% or less consumed. Windows caches data in RAM so it opens faster, so high idle load is not a problem. However, if more than this is constantly being used — and apps seem to load slowly — RAM is the likely culprit.

Should you update?

RAM is not hard to upgrade. It is very easy to replace old DIMMs or install new ones along with what already exists. The old RAM can be removed by opening the clips that hold it, and the new RAM can be installed by simply aligning it with the slot and pushing it down. Even laptops can usually upgrade the RAM.

RAM is also inexpensive. You can upgrade to 8GB for just $40. This is more than enough for most systems.

Deciding what type of RAM you want and how much you want to buy is the only difficulty. I offer a Crucial memory upgrade on the website [Broken URL Removed]. This will help you determine which RAM is compatible with your PC.


Should I upgrade or repair my computer?  oczssdthumb

The computer’s hard drive also affects the download speed of applications and files. A slow hard drive will take longer to search for data, and will also take longer to load once detected. If you feel like programs are taking too long to load and you’ve already removed RAM as the culprit or upgraded it, storage should get your attention.

Should you update?

Solid State Drives changed the game in the vault. They blow off mechanical actuators both during search and in transmission rate tests. Most computers built in the last few years will see a significant improvement if an SSD is installed.

Hard drives are also not that hard to upgrade. To add it, you need to place it in place on the hard drive in the case, screw it on and connect it to the motherboard using a SATA cable. You also need to transfer data to a new drive or reinstall the operating system on it.

Laptops can also upgrade to a new hard drive. However, make sure you buy one that matches the size of your laptop’s compartment.


Upgrading a computer is usually possible (if it’s a desktop). The processor is the only problem and this is due to the fact that new processors are not compatible with older motherboards.

Adding a new graphics card, RAM, or SSD won’t turn an outdated PC into a powerful computer, but it will breathe new life into a computer that otherwise seems to be on the brink of death. And, if you do the work yourself, you can complete all of these upgrades for just a few hundred dollars.

However, if you feel like you need to update multiple components at the same time to keep your PC running, you should also take a look at new computers. Switching to a new system may be preferable to installing multiple updates.

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