Bose Soundlink speakers Bluetooth consistently ranked among the best in sound. However, from time to time something does not work properly and it needs to be reset or installed again. Here’s what you need to know to reset your Bose Soundlink speaker and what the reset will do to it.

Bose Soundlink speaker on the table

If you don’t already have Bose Connect Apps you need to download it for additional functionality and help with most new Soundlink models. Even if you don’t need help pairing, this is a useful app for Bose speakers and headphones.

How to reset a Bose Soundlink speaker

If you are facing issues such as the Soundlink speaker can’t connect to the phone, the Bluetooth connection is unstable, or doesn’t sound quite right, you can reset it to make sure there are no software issues with it.

Resetting the speaker will clear the language selection along with all other settings to restore it to the way it was out of the box. Because it’s a speaker and not a device that stores personal data, a factory reset is more trivial.

Before resetting Soundlink, check if your speaker works with the Bose Connect app, which can update the speaker’s internal software. This may fix the issue without resetting it.

  • To reset the Bose Soundlink color : Press and hold buttons AUX and volume down in within 10 seconds.
  • To reset Bose Soundlink Mini : Press and hold button blackouts sound in within 10 seconds.
  • To reset Bose Soundlink Mini 2 : Press and hold button nutrition in within 10 seconds.
  • To reset Bose Soundlink Revolve : Soundlink Revolve is the same as Mini 2. Press and hold button nutrition in for 10 seconds until the speaker restarts and then restarts.

How to Reset Other Bose Soundlink Speakers

While the above are some of the more common Bose Soundline speakers, there are quite a few Soundlink speakers that Bose have built over the years. If you don’t see yours listed here, Bose provides everything instructions for speakers on your support website . Simply enter your specific model name in the search box to find out how to reset your speaker.

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