One day it’s a server, the next day it’s a core component of a budget space program. Tomorrow — who knows?

The Raspberry Pi has become something of a phenomenon that has spawned low-cost media centers, portable web servers, and more.

We’ve previously looked at some great uses for this British minicomputer. but the fact is that it is so versatile that there is always something to talk about. Who would have thought that the Raspberry Pi could be used for so much more than its original purpose of learning, providing a platform for kids to learn how to code?

Indeed, who would have thought of its important role in beer production, robot control, or as a core component of Project Glass. style system? If you’re sitting on the fence near the Pi, embarrassed by (irrelevant) comparisons to the Arduino, you’ll be fascinated to learn that the two can run in tandem…

The following Raspberry PI projects can be completed in one weekend.

Arduino Pi

Oddly enough, it is possible to connect a Raspberry Pi to an Arduino. The main purpose of this is to use the Pi as a web controller for the Arduino.

raspberry pi projects

There are several ways to connect the device. The first is via USB, but it takes up one of the Pi’s valuable USB ports and requires Arduino programming on the Pi. The second, better option is the Pi’s UART port, which can be connected to the Arduino’s serial port (optional boards are also available).

The purpose of all this, as described above, is to use the Raspberry Pi as the receiver of the network commands that will control the Arduino. Such a system can prove to be extremely useful for both amateurs and enthusiasts, and even in the industry.

Full project details can be found at

Raspberry Pi Robo Car

One way to use the combined Pi and Arduino is to control a robot.

In the Dark Pi Rises project, two computers are connected via USB with a USB battery pack and a USB hub, allowing instructions to be sent to the Arduino to control the LEDs and motors of the robot itself—in this case, a remote-controlled car. ,

Naturally, the car will continue to be remote-controlled, in this case with a PS3 controller, but what’s really interesting is that it also has a webcam connected to it with a PS3 peephole, with the IR cut filter removed, allowing you to drive at night and see what he sees!

Raspberry Pi space program

The Raspberry Pi’s compact size and wide range of features make it ideal for building a space program at low altitudes.

Raspberry Pi project ideas

Dave Ackerman, a High Altitude Balloon (HAB) enthusiast, used a Pi — along with a webcam, GPS and batteries — to capture near space with data sent back to Earth using a hot air balloon.

What’s amazing about this (yes, it’s getting better) is that $25 for a Raspberry Pi and the low price of other hardware means any school can launch their own space program! There is no need to worry about the Pi either — while it returns to Earth, it should be restored thanks to GPS.

RetroPay project

Along with media centers, one of the most popular uses for the Raspberry Pi has been as a retro gaming device.

At the time of this writing, the mini PC was able to run MS-DOS, ScummVM, Commodore and Atari ST software thanks to the wide range of emulators available.

Raspberry Pi project ideas

Perhaps the best emulation solution is ChameleonPi, a remix of the regular Raspberry Pi OS Raspbian with the GUI removed in favor of the start menu. Once downloaded, you can use your chosen emulator to run the ROM from your SD card. Combine that with controllers (USB is common, but genuine NES gamepads are nothing out of the ordinary) and you have an instant retro gaming system. You can even show it to your friends by building them into a carry bag!

Details can be found at

Project PiGlass

Google Glass has established itself as a popular discussion tool on tech websites, but if you’re tired of waiting for it to come out, you don’t have to wait any longer.

Raspberry Pi project ideas

By pairing your Raspberry Pi with some Vuzix 1200 Star glasses, you can get a similar effect, enhanced by a microphone and a Bluetooth headset — not to mention a wireless Internet connection to download and display all the information you need.

See how you can use this system to communicate in real time with someone who speaks another language using the Microsoft Translation API at real-time translation-inspired /

Control your brewery with Raspberry Pi

All of the above projects will go very well if you have a good pint of beer at the end.

Raspberry Pi projects: car with night vision, Google Glass-like translation and more muo rpiprojects beer

I was surprised to learn that a Raspberry Pi can be used to control the brewing process when paired with an Adafruit Pi plate that has a mini computer in charge of temperature control. By being able to precisely control the temperature remotely (thanks to the data that can be output to the Pi and accessed over the network), homebrewers can work on perfecting their drink.

The element14 website has full details on how this was achieved.

Conclusion: Everyone Should Have a Raspberry Pi

I continue to be amazed at the variety of uses for the Raspberry Pi, and I know its creators are also amazed.

raspberry pi projects

Sure, there’s every reason to ignore space programs and robot cars in favor of retro games and beer, but then if you did, you’d be missing out on the shortest opportunity to see Earth from Earth. above.

All of these Raspberry PI projects are available and achievable, so get started and let us know how you get on! If you need help getting started, please start with our free downloadable user manual guide guide

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