Not too long ago, VR was considered something simple that you put on a phone for a quick distraction, or something surprisingly complex for those who could afford the lengthy demands of ownership. Sony has created a compelling middle ground by doing what they do best — doing what you really want in your living room. PlayStation VR is a companion for your PlayStation 4 that elevates your current games and helps you explore a whole new way to feel like the character you play.

To fully enjoy this experience, you need more than just take it out of the box. Here’s our complete user guide for all things PSVR!

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What you need to know about PlayStation VR

We’ve included links to every section in this guide so you can easily find the specific information you might need regarding your PlayStation VR, whether that means the best games to get or even just how to set them up.

  • Which PlayStation 4 is best for VR?
  • Get started with PlayStation VR
  • Introduction to Cinematic Mode
  • PlayStation VR games
  • Game Reviews, Tips & Tricks
  • The best peripherals and accessories for PSVR
  • Do more with PlayStation VR
  • Troubleshooting PSVR
  • Selling Your PlayStation VR

Which PlayStation 4 should I use for my VR system?

There is more than one box named PlayStation 4, but don’t panic! They all work with PlayStation VR, but a better experience can be offered. If you’re using a PlayStation 4 Pro, you have more options than with a regular PlayStation 4. Here’s what you need to know!

  • Which PlayStation 4 is best for VR?
  • How to keep HDR support while using PlayStation VR
  • Every PlayStation VR game is enhanced with PlayStation Pro

Get started with PlayStation VR