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Oculus Quest


Oculus Go

Oculus Quest is an immersive VR headset. The combination of six degrees of freedom and Oculus Guardian tracking means you can run, jump up and down and maneuver through games without any wires or PC to slow you down.

From $399 at Amazon


  • Supports six degrees of freedom
  • Has two touch controllers
  • Supports Oculus Guardian tracking
  • Has arena scale tracking
  • Does not require a PC


  • Relatively high price tag
  • Not as powerful as some similarly priced headsets

The Oculus Go is a relatively inexpensive headset that provides a comfortable viewing experience for VR content and 360-degree video. This can also be used for light play.

From $199 at Amazon


  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Great for watching videos


  • Does not support six degrees of freedom
  • Supports only one motion controller

While Oculus Go and Oculus Quest are created by Facebook and provide users with unlimited virtual reality, they are not direct competitors. You get what you pay for with these headsets. The Oculus Quest can do just about everything the Oculus Go can do and much more. In fact, Oculus Quest can now play multiple Oculus Go games.

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Oculus Quest and Touch Controllers

Source: Android Central

category Oculus Quest Oculus Go
Manual control 2 hands 1 hand
6 degrees of freedom Yes No
Oculus Guardian Tracking Yes No
Through + Yes No
Oculus Link Yes (in beta) No
Arena Scale Tracking Yes (in the future) No
Hand tracking Yes (in the future) No

Oculus Quest competes more with Oculus Rift or Rift S. The Oculus Quest is less powerful than any of the Oculus Rift versions, but more versatile when it comes to freedom of movement. Oculus Quest is built for watching videos and for a truly immersive gaming experience. It also supports six degrees of freedom, meaning it can track your movements in multiple axes, including up/down, left/right, and forward/backward. This helps create a more immersive gaming environment. Headsets with six degrees of motion let you move around rooms to play games instead of just tilting your head.

The Oculus Go is the budget-friendly headset best suited for watching videos, while the Oculus Quest is for real gaming.

Oculus Quest has two motion controllers that allow you to control gameplay and interact with the virtual environment. The ability to use two hands makes certain movements possible, such as using a virtual bow and arrow or playing Beat Saber with both hands. It also supports guardian tracking, which means it can map out an area and remember the boundaries you set.

Oculus is actively adding and developing new features for the Oculus Quest. Passthrough+ allows you to see the real world while wearing your Oculus Quest. If you stick your head outside the border, you can see the world through the headset’s cameras. Quest supported a version of this at launch, but Passthrough+ greatly improves the quality of what you see. Oculus Quest also received support for several Oculus Go games in the same update.