VR phone headsets have made shooting pirates in space or catching your favorite TV shows where no one can beat you easier than ever. Of course, since your VR headset is running on your phone, you may run into problems. One of the biggest things that can go wrong is your screen being accidentally hacked. While even a small crack may seem out of place, an insignificant one can have a serious negative impact on your gaming experience.

What happens if I try to play VR with a cracked screen?

Your phone is what makes VR in Daydream or Gear VR doable. It’s not just the processor that runs the experience you see, it’s also the screen where you view those events. If there is a crack on the screen and you are trying to jump into VR, you may see streaks of light or wave distortions that run across the screen. This means your phone is no longer suitable for VR.

Also, if you try to play in virtual reality, you will probably run into some issues. Namely, games won’t load properly on your screen or will get stuck on the loading screen. It’s obviously not perfect, but when your game won’t load, you can bet it’s due to that crackling noise on the side of the screen.

Why should I avoid VR if my phone screen is cracked?