So you forgot your password Windows 7 ? Hey, it happened. We should create very complex passwords, so they are hard to guess, but sometimes we make them so complicated that we forget them ourselves.

As of January 2020 Microsoft no longer supports Windows 7 . We recommend upgrade to Windows 10, to continue receiving security updates and technical support.

Try one of several ways to find yours password for logging into Windows 7 who got sick in some way.

An illustration of how to recover a Windows password.
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Let’s go through the ideas one by one, starting with the simplest:

Use the Windows 7 disk to reset your password

Now is the time to use created by you Windows 7 password reset disk . Congratulations for being active!

However, chances are most of you don’t have a Windows 7 password reset disk, either because you didn’t know such a feature existed or you never thought you’d actually forget your Windows 7 password.

In any case, once you’re familiar with one of the other ideas below, be sure to come back to that link above and make one right away.

Ask your administrator to change your Windows 7 password for you

If other users have accounts on your computer, one of them may be set up as an administrator. Since users with administrative rights can manage the passwords of all Windows 7 users, this person will be able to change your windows 7 password for you from your account.

Clearly, if you are the only person who has an account on your computer, which is probably the situation for many of you, then this trick will not do you any good.

Reset Windows 7 password with this trick

There is a way reset windows 7 password only with the tools and software you already have. This is a neat little trick that anyone can pull off. The worst thing you should do is boot up from disk or flash drive and use command line repeatedly.

look, How to Reset Windows 7 Password for the complete tutorial.

Considering the fact that you probably don’t actually have a password reset disk or a second administrator on your computer, and you probably already have a headache trying to remember how you set your password, this trick will be the solution for most of you

Hack Your Windows 7 Account With a Password Recovery Program

If you’ve tried to guess, there are no other users on your computer, the last trick didn’t work for some reason, and you’re sure you don’t have a Windows 7 password reset disk, then it’s time to try something a little harder.

Windows password recovery programs are software tools designed to recover or reset/remove your Windows 7 password. Sometimes they can be tricky to use, but if you really forgot your Windows 7 password and you can also follow some simple instructions, there’s a great chance one of these programs will get you back to Windows.

Still can’t find your Windows 7 password?

If you have tried all of the above and this lost Windows 7 password is indeed lost forever, then you will need to perform clean install of Windows 7 a process that will erase everything on your computer.

This is a drastic and obviously destructive step, but if you want your computer back, you will need to consider this option if all else has failed.

What to do after resetting your password

Forgetting your Windows 7 password and going through various steps to reset it is definitely no fun. Thus, it would be wise to use any means possible to avoid having to reset your Windows 7 password in the future.

Apart from the password reset disk method mentioned above, you can save your new Windows 7 password in password manager . As long as you use one with mobile access, you can access the password manager app anytime you need to remember your Windows 7 password.

Instead, you can configure Windows 7 to automatically log on when every time you start your computer. It’s definitely not ideal if security is an issue because then anyone can access your computer, but it prevents you from remembering your password.

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