Function spam in gmail works well by identifying messages that might be spam and sending them directly to the spam folder so you never have to see them. But this feature can become problematic if it works too well, such as when Gmail identifies a message as spam that isn’t really there. In such a case, you can keep skipping emails from a particular sender because they always end up in your spam folder.

If a gmail keeps sending messages from a specific sender to your Spam folder, you can stop it by telling Gmail that the email address is safe. This action is called white list, puts the address on the safe senders list and passes these messages through spam filter to your inbox .

Start with filters and blocked addresses

To whitelist a specific email address or domain, you need to create an email filter.

  1. Open Gmail. In the upper right corner, select icon » Settings (gear). From the menu select » Settings» .

    Settings menu item in gear icon for Gmail
  2. Select » Filters and blocked addresses» .

    Filters and Blocked Addresses tab in Gmail
  3. Select Create a new filter . If you already have a lot of filters, you will have to scroll down to find this link.

    Create a new filter link in Gmail settings
  4. A dialog box will open. AT field From enter the email address you want to whitelist. Be sure to enter a full email address, for example . To whitelist every email address from a specific domain, just enter this Domain name for example .

    Create Filter button in Gmail settings
  5. At the bottom of the dialog box, select » Create filter.

  6. On the next screen, tell Gmail what to do with the email address or domain you just provided. To do this, select Never send it to Spam . To end the process, select Create filter .

    New Filter button in the action list for filtered Gmail addresses
  7. If you want to whitelist more than one email address or domain, you don’t need to repeat these steps for each of them. Instead, place a vertical bar (and a space before and after it) between individual accounts like this: | | .

Start with an email message

You can also start the process of creating a mail filter in Gmail from a message from the person you want to whitelist.

  1. Open the message.

  2. In the top right corner of the message, select icon from three points (menu). Select Filter messages like this .

    Filter messages like this menu option in Gmail
  3. Now that the email address is automatically filled in field » From» follow steps 5 and 6 above.

More Tips for Whitelisting Gmail

Keep these additional points in mind when creating filters in Gmail.

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