Google TV may not have taken off the way some people expected, but those of us who use it (especially with the Honeycomb/Google TV 2.0 update) know it can be a great way to get online in your living room. The cool thing I’ve been fooling around with is watching my podcasts on a 42″ monitor while I’m leaning back in my chair, so I’m sharing my guide to watching Android Podcast Central on your Google TV with everyone. Wait until you see our beautiful faces in high definition on the big screen! Hit a break and follow along.

There are three ways to get the World’s Greatest Android TV Show on your Google TV, and we’ll cover them right here. Beginning with:

Live participation

Android Central Live

This method is as easy as pie — just like you watch live on your computer, tablet or phone. Fire up Chrome Browser and go to on Thursday nights around 8:45 pm ET and you’ll have a stream of podcasts and chat ready and waiting for you to join in on the fun. This is the best way to watch because you are part of it all. Nothing to install, no fuss — it just works.

Watch the recorded podcast on Youtube

Android Youtube Central Page

This method is also quite simple. Press the home button on your Google TV controller, launch the Youtube app, and search for the Android Central podcast. (Here’s a handy link.) You’ll find us there, and the video is just a click away. You can even subscribe to our YouTube channel (and you absolutely must) and skip the search step. But if you’re going down that path, you can subscribe through the Google TV Podcasts app!