Boxing is a hugely popular sport worldwide, with four major sanctioning bodies and dozens of minor ones, making it extremely difficult to determine broadcast and broadcast rights for boxing matches. There is no single store where you can catch every match, and free boxing streams are almost inaudible outside of betting sites, but most fights are available for streaming in one way or another.

While there is no better source for live boxing, we have put together all the information you need to find what you are looking for.

Once you have read the instructions below and know how to find boxing streams, you can use this complete boxing schedule for upcoming matches, including fighters, locations, and streaming services where available.

Where is the best place for streaming boxing?

Boxing is not a monolithic affair as there are many bodies and promotions that interact at different levels. Due to this complexity, live image streaming for this sport can be difficult. HBO has been the go-to source for live boxing in the past, but their exit from the field has created even more complexity and confusion.

Here are the main broadcasters that broadcast live boxing matches:

  • ESPN : This broadcaster has partnered with Top Rank, a boxing advertising company, to broadcast over 50 matches each year. To watch most of these matches, you need a cable subscription that includes ESPN. Some matches are only available through streaming service ESPN+ available only through the Internet . Some ESPN+ matches are pay-per-view. This means you need a subscription as well as a fee for an individual match.
  • fox sports : This network deals with the Premier Champions Champions promotion to air multiple matches each year on Fox, Fox Sports 1 and Fox Deportes.
  • DAZN A: This service is a little different from other broadcasters who own the rights to boxing. Instead of being a traditional broadcaster that also streams, DAZN is a subscription-based service that focuses entirely on live broadcasts. He deals with the Matchroom Sport promotion among others.
  • showtime : This premium cable network includes matches among Premier Boxing Champions promotions. Many of their events are pay-per-view, which means you need to subscribe to Showtime and pay per match to broadcast it.

Thanks to a long-term top-rated deal, ESPN probably airs more boxing matches than anyone else, but the numbers vary from month to next. DAZN is an interesting option as it charges a monthly fee and doesn’t pay to watch individual matches.

Fox Sports and Showtime also have the rights to a lot of great matches, especially since HBO walked away from boxing.

Live Streaming Boxing on ESPN and ESPN+

If you just want to watch some great boxing live streams, and you don’t care about specific matches or really require access to every single match, ESPN typically has more boxing live streams in any given month than any of its competitors.

Cable and satellite television subscribers are able to live stream boxing matches on the WatchESPN website without paying anything above and beyond their regular bill, except for pay-per-view matches. Cord cutters can also gain access to ESPN through a number of streaming services.

ESPN+ is a separate service that isn’t connected to the ESPN cable channel. While it is accessed through WatchESPN, you don’t automatically get access with your cable subscription. Some ESPN+ matches are pay-per-view, meaning you have to pay for the match in addition to the subscription.

Here’s how to live stream soccer through WatchESPN:

  1. Navigate to

  2. Locate a boxing match, and click the play button.

  3. Select your television provider, and provide your login credentials if prompted.

  4. If your video doesn’t start playing automatically, return to WatchESPN and click the play button again.

  5. If the match you want to watch is an ESPN+ game, it will say ESPN+ in the upper left of the card. To watch one of these matches, you can get started by clicking the play button.

  6. Click START MY 7 DAY FREE TRIALand follow the on-screen prompts to sign up.

    You will have to provide credit card information, but you won’t be charged if you cancel your subscription within seven days.

  7. Return to WatchESPN, locate the ESPN+ soccer game you want to watch, and click the play button again.

If it’s a pay-per-view match, you will be prompted to pay for the match even if you’re still on your free trial.

How to Stream Boxing on Fox and FS1

Fox airs at least 10 prime time boxing matches each year, and about a dozen more air on FS1 and Fox Deportes. If you want to catch these matches, and you have access to cable or satellite television login credentials, you can stream through the Fox website.

Here’s how to stream boxing matches through

  1. Navigate to

  2. Click TV Provider Sign In in the upper right corner.

  3. Select your television provider.

    If you don’t see your provider, click See All Providers. There are some providers that don’t work with Fox, but most do.

  4. If prompted, enter your cable or satellite login credentials. Then click Continue.

  5. Click Live TV & Schedule.

  6. Click the boxing match you want to stream.

Boxing matches will be listed in the local Fox channel row, the FS1 row, or the Fox Deportes row. If you don’t see any boxing matches, return when a boxing match is set to air.

Live Streaming Boxing on DAZN

The next best option for watching boxing live streams is DAZN, which is a subscription-based online streaming service. This is a great service if you’re a cord cutter, since it doesn’t require a subscription to cable or satellite television. It also provides access to a lot of content that you can’t get from television streaming services

How to Stream Boxing on Showtime

Showtime offers a streaming service called Showtime Anytime, which is available exclusively to Showtime subscribers. If you have a Showtime subscription, you can use it to access Showtime Anytime and stream any boxing match that Showtime airs.

Television Streaming Services That Include Boxing

If you’re a cord cutter without access to a cable or satellite subscription, you can watch live television through television streaming services. That means you can live stream any boxing match that’s broadcast on ESPN, Fox, Showtime, or any other channel, as long as you choose a streaming service that includes that channel. These services work on your computer using a web browser, but they also have phone apps, and many of them also work on game consoles and streaming devices.

Here are the two best options for boxing live streams:

  • Hulu with Live TV: This service provides the widest access to Fox, and it also has FS1 and ESPN. If Fox isn’t available in your area, try a different service.
  • YouTube TV: Fox is widely available through this service, and both FS1 and ESPN are included as well.

Other streaming services will also work, but Hulu and YouTube offer the widest coverage for Fox, and some services like fuboTV don’t include ESPN. Most streaming services also include the option to add Showtime for an additional monthly charge.

How to Watch Free Boxing Live Streams

The only legitimate way to watch free boxing live streams is through betting sites, where they make their money primarily through the users placing bets. Even then, some betting sites have a pay-per-view charge for popular matches.

Betting sites are typically blocked in areas where they aren’t licensed to operate, so you may need to install a virtual private network (VPN)

Free Online Sports Websites to Stream Boxing

If you’ve tried all the streaming options that we presented above, and nothing works for you, then the last place to look is at websites that aggregate links to unofficial boxing streams. These sites aren’t official, so never provide your credit card information in exchange for access. They also tend to rely on intrusive ads, so consider installing a good ad blocker and antivirus software before visiting.

Here are some sites that usually host boxing live streams from around the world:

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