Devices Amazon with support Alexa such as smart speakers echo and Tap, let you control multiple devices with just the sound of your voice, including connected devices throughout your home and office. Then it only makes sense that you’ll also be able to send commands to the Fire TV product line using Alexa.

Everything you need to manage your device Fire TV in this way is a supported Alexa-enabled device and a general connection WiFi .

Link your Fire TV with Alexa

Свяжите свой Fire TV с Alexa


To control your Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, or Fire TV Edition with an Alexa-enabled device, you first need to pair them together. You cannot use certain Alexa-enabled apps and devices to control your Fire TV, such as the Alexa app, the Amazon Shopping app, and Amazon Fire tablets .

  1. Open the Alexa app on your Android or iOS device.
  2. Select menu button represented by three horizontal lines located in the upper left corner of the screen.
  3. When the drop-down menu appears, select » Music», «Video and books» .
  4. Select option fireTV found in the Video section.
  5. Select link to your Alexa device .
  6. Select the device you want to pair with Alexa from the list of available Fire TV devices and click » Proceed» .
  7. Select one or more devices you want to use to control your Fire TV and select Link Devices .
  8. An updated list of your linked devices will appear in the app. From this screen, you can unpair a device or pair another Fire TV with Alexa if you like.

Find and watch movies and series

Семья смотрит телевизор вместе

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Alexa understands many useful voice commands to control your Fire TV, including the following group, which lets you search and play movies and TV shows by title, actor, or genre.

If your Alexa-enabled device has a video screen, such as Echo Show, then you should quantify the commands below by adding the words «to Fire TV» at the end of each one. Otherwise, the movie or TV show may play on your device instead of your TV.

  • Watch [название фильма или телешоу]: launching a specific movie or show from Amazon Video or other supported application.
  • Play [название фильма или телешоу] on the [имя приложения]: launch a movie or show from an application of your choice.
  • Play [жанр] in [имя приложения]: shows you a list of movies and TV shows from a specific genre in the app of your choice (like Play Comedy on Amazon Video).
  • Search [название фильма или телепередачи] or Search [название фильма или телепередачи] in [имя приложения] : Allows you to search for movies or shows from one or more apps on your Fire TV based on the title.
  • Show titles with [имя актера / актрисы]: returns a list of movies and shows featuring a particular actor or actress.
  • Find Movies [имя актера / актрисы] in [имя приложения]: performs the same function as the previous command, but only displays titles available in a specific application.

Control video playback with Alexa

управлять воспроизведением видео Fire TV с помощью Alexa

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Once you’ve found a show or movie you want to watch, you can also control its playback by saying the following commands towards your smart speaker or other Alexa-enabled device. When Fire TVs Edition it will be the TV itself.

  • Play
  • Stop
  • Pause
  • Summary
  • Rewind [определенный период времени]
  • Fast forward [определенный период времени]
  • Watch from the beginning
  • next episode

Miscellaneous teams

Alexa команды для Amazon Fire TV


You can also use the following Alexa commands to control your Fire TV.

Control your TV

Управление Fire TV Edition Телевидение с Alexa


The following Alexa commands only apply to Fire TV Edition TVs. Most of the ones already mentioned above will also work on the specified TVs.

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