The socket can turn off when you’re at work, so it only heats or cools your house when you’re at home. If you don’t guess when you get home correctly, you could be waiting for hours in an uncomfortable house. If you have an Automatic Pro, your car can tell the Nest to start warming up as soon as you leave work.

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Automatic Pro is an amazing smart car system that uses your car’s OBD-II port to communicate with your phone and a host of other services like Nest. The Nest integration for Automatic Pro lets you «prepare» your home as soon as your car leaves a specific area, such as work.

Preconditioning is slightly different from the regular Nest Home/Away Assist and is unique to the Automatic. Instead of turning on the heater or air conditioner right away, the pre-treatment will only heat or cool your home long enough to be comfortable when you get home. So, for example, if your commute takes one hour but it only takes twenty minutes to heat your house, your nest will only turn on the heater when you are twenty minutes away from home.

To connect Automatic Pro to Nest, go to the Nest app on the Automatic website here and click Connect to Nest.

Then sign in to your Automatic and Nest account.

After logging in, you will see a control panel with a list of example rules that you can set up. Each of them is disabled by default. You can either create your own rule or customize existing ones. For our guide, we are going to create a new rule. Click Create New Rule at the bottom of the page.

At the top, name your rule, such as «Get my house ready when I leave work.»

There are several conditions in the left pane to determine when this rule will be activated. In our case, we want it to activate whenever your car is turned on near work. You can narrow this rule down to a time of the day later so that it doesn’t work, for example when you’re out for lunch.

First, under Automatic Event, select Ignition On. Then enter your address in the «Address» field. You can narrow or expand the geofence around your work address using the «Or inside» dropdown. For example, if your work address is in the same building, you can set the distance to a couple of blocks. If your work address is campus, you can activate it if your car turns on within one mile of your work address.

In the middle panel, you can select the days and times when this rule should be activated. Check the box for each day of the week you work. You can also set the time interval that the automatic will track. For example, if you drive your car every day for lunch, you can set this rule to only activate between 4:00 pm and 8:00 pm, when you usually go home, and not all day.

In the last panel, you can specify what actions you want your nest to take when the rule is triggered. In the Nest Structure section, select which thermostat you want to turn on or off.

The Nest dropdown is where the real magic happens. The Install Home and Install Away options work the same as they do in the Nest app. «Precondition for ETA», however, works a little differently. This will calculate how far your work address is from home and turn on the heater or air conditioner in time so you can get home. Select it from the drop down list. You will see a new home address field. Enter your home address here.

Once you’ve entered all of this information, scroll down and click Save.

Automatic’s Nest app gives you much more granular control over turning your Nest thermostat on and off over the main Nest app. Install it once and you’ll always have a comfortable home waiting for you when you get home from work.

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