Many privacy-conscious users choose to prevent apps and devices from reporting diagnostics to their parent companies. We usually think that these are useful features, but if you prefer to turn them off, here’s how to turn them off on the Google WiFi system.

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Most devices have something like this and it lets the company know how you use the device and what you use it for, which in turn should help the company improve the software. Google says that Google WiFi does not track the sites you visit or collect any information transmitted over Wi-Fi traffic, but rather «data such as Wi-Fi channel, signal strength, and device types that are relevant to optimizing your WiFi. Performance. “But if you don’t want to give them any information, it’s easy to turn it off.

To do this, open the Google WiFi app on your phone and tap the tab with the settings gear icon and three other circles.

Click on Network Settings.

Click on «Privacy» at the bottom.

There will be three different sections that you can turn off, each explaining what it does. Click the toggle switches to the right to turn them off.

Keep in mind that disabling «Google WiFi cloud services» will disable some features, including the ability to see how much bandwidth and data your network has used up over time.

Once you’ve disabled your privacy settings, click «Save» in the top right corner.

In general, you have nothing to worry about if Google collects personal information from your Google WiFi system, especially when Google is probably monitoring much more serious things, but in any case, it never hurts to turn off your privacy settings just to be safe.

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