Amazon is constantly adding new tricks to improve shopping. and this latest version included the Amazon Echo. For those who don’t know, Amazon Echo is a voice-controlled personal assistant.

So what has Amazon added? All you have to do is ask, «Alexa, where are my things?» (Or just say «Track my package») and Echo will reply with the status of your current orders.

This works because Echo is tied to your Amazon account so it always has up-to-date information. If you use Amazon Prime now you can order goods and check the status of packages only with your voice.

And all this on top of the extra benefits you get with Prime like amazing TV shows and movies. what you can broadcast.

Echo is really helpful. We’ve explored all kinds of creative ways to use Echo creatively. to your advantage, including the ability to voice control aspects of your home It’s even a great gift for friends and family.

Do you think this new feature is useful? Or would you rather track your packages via email or mobile notifications? Let us know about it in the comments!

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