In the past, the integration of music into video and stories snapchat has always been difficult as users could not (and cannot) upload pre-recorded videos or use third party applications .

Luckily, Snapchat users got the message that users want music in their snaps, so an update to the app ended up allowing music to play on your device in the background while recording video messages.

An illustration of how to send Snapchats with music.
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How to send SnapChats with music

The addition of a music feature to Snapchat is what speeds it up with other competing social media apps, especially Instagram .

It’s also pretty easy to do and you don’t have to do any complicated extra steps on the Snapchat app to add music to your videos.

Prior to this update, if you wanted music to play in a video on Snapchat, you needed another device or computer to play it. Users also took advantage of the third-party music app Mindie before Snapchat disabled its access.

  1. Open your favorite music app and play any track. Whether it’s iTunes, Spotify Pandora, SoundCloud, or any other app as long as it plays music on your phone you can use it with Snapchat.

    Be aware that Snapchat records music at a fairly high volume, so consider turning it off in your music app if you want your own voice or other background sounds in your video to play through the music.

  2. Launch Snapchat (with music playing), go to the camera tab and hold button big records to record a video message. It will record all the music played by your device at the same time.

  3. Before sending or posting a video, quickly move away from the Snapchat app (without closing it completely) so you can pause the music app. Then return to Snapchat to watch/listen to the video preview.

    You will probably have to first pause the music that is still playing on your music app, which is awkward for a few seconds when you try to exit Snapchat, open the music app to hit «pause» and then quickly return to Snapchat. as much as possible. If you do this quickly, the video preview won’t be removed and you can still post it.

  4. If you’re happy with the video preview and the music that plays along with it, go ahead and post it.

Go and look at some funny lenses, which have embedded music tracks with them. Snapchat includes more of these lenses, some of which feature new singles from popular artists that automatically start playing music as soon as you activate the lens. New ones are added every day, so keep checking back.

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