Sometimes you may want to give a friend or family member access to your Wyze videos. Or you may wish for individual control over the settings. Instead of sharing your account, you should share access to your Wyze devices.

Do not share your password; Share your devices

Video notifications from the Wyze app

We love Wyze products. Whether you’re looking for a camera, a panning camera, or a sensor system, it’s hard to find another product so good at such a low price. But if you live alone, adding sensors and cameras to your living space usually means sharing those devices.

You can give away your username and password, but generally speaking, giving away your password is a bad idea. It may be safe to trust your spouse with your password, but what about a teen, house friend, or relative who looks after your kids? Even if you are comfortable giving out your password, you will have other problems with Wyze touch systems.

If you have sensors on your doors, depending on your settings, each device will receive a notification each time those doors open and close. Everyone will receive notifications throughout the day and they may not want it. Luckily, the Wyze app includes a Do Not Disturb feature, but extends to all phones and tablets using the same account. Everyone is set not to be disturbed, or no one does.

Instead of sharing your account, you should set up separate Wyze accounts for anyone who needs to view your video feeds and touch notifications. And then share access to your Wyze devices.
Just be aware of one drawback: only the main account can view videos stored on the SD card. For everyone else, the only options are live streaming and video alerts.

How to share access to your Wyze devices

Before you begin, create a Wyze account for each person you wish to grant access to.

Then open the Wyze app with the main login. Click «Accounts» in the lower right corner.

Wyze app with an arrow pointing to the account button.

Click on Device Sharing.

Wyze account settings with device sharing option.

Click on the device you want to share.

Wyze my optoins devices with a box around the garage device.

Tap the plus symbol above the Add Post text.

control the screen of the device with an arrow pointing to the plus symbol

Enter the email address for the account you want to share and on the next screen, click Share.

Share device settings with account input field.

You will need to repeat these steps for each device you wish to share. Helpfully, any email you previously displayed will show up as the «recent posts» option the moment you have to enter it again.

Now each individual user can independently enable do not disturb as they need. And if you grant temporary access to someone outside of your family, they won’t have access to your entire video history and you can revoke access later. Just go back to the shared devices dialog and click on their account to remove it.

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