From the moment you take your Oculus Go out of the box, it invites you to immediately put it on your head and start having fun. In theory, you could do just that, but if you want the best possible headset experience, you’ll need a few and set them up right. Here’s a guide on how it all works.

What you need

  • Amazon: Oculus Go — 64GB ($250)

Getting Started

  1. Take it all out Components from the box.
  2. Take off everything protective plastic coated stickers on the lenses and the body of the headset.

  3. Take the controller and pull bottom half, to remove the case.
  4. Paste AA battery that came with your Oculus Go, with the flat end coming first.
  5. Spend the end strap without a knot through the hole in the plastic case and wrap the end around the hook on the bottom of the controller.
  6. push in plastic case in place on the controller

Now that your headset is de-stickered and your controller is ready to go, you’re ready to move on to the next step. Just be aware, this controller does not have any indicators to confirm that it has power. The only way to know the battery percentage is through your Oculus Go headset as soon as you turn it on.

How to get the perfect fit

  1. Put Velcro on all three straps until they are fully open.
  2. Hold your Oculus Go headset up to your eyes and pull the strap over your head.

  3. Pull both sides of the Velcro at the same time until snug, then slide the straps over the side of the headset to secure them.
  4. Pull on the top strap next to the headset until you feel the bottom of the headset lift slightly from your head, then press down on the Velcro to secure it.
  5. Grab the headset with both hands and move it slowly until the image on the screen is clear.

Your VR headset has three adjustment straps to ensure a comfortable fit on your head. The two side straps connect across the back of the head, while the top strap slides into the back strap and can be adjusted separately. Ideally this headset had two pieces of the back strap wrapped around a knot at the back of the head (this is called the occipital bone) and the top strap was snug between the front and back of the headset.

Cooking software

  1. Install oculus app to your phone.
  2. Login to your Oculus account with application. You can use the **Continue with Facebook* option if you don’t have an account.

  3. Confirm all your privacy settings in the Oculus app by selecting «yes» or «no» for the following pop-up questions.
  4. Turn on bluetooth settings your phone and make sure your Oculus Go is nearby.
  5. After the application finds and connects headset to the phone, you can turn on the device.
  6. Confirm if you are left or right from the headset.

Don’t worry if the instructions seem complicated. Once you’ve installed the app, you’ll be guided through the Oculus Go setup process. Make sure you read the Privacy Settings carefully. Oculus has a Real Name Policy, how you can be added as a friend on Oculus, whether your friends can see what you’re doing with your headset, and who can see your friends list. It is very important that you take a look at each of these options and confirm that they are set up the way you want before clicking the blue Continue button.

How to add to your payment options

  1. Click tab «Settings» at the bottom of the Oculus Go app.
  2. Swipe down and tap on Payment Methods .
  3. Click Add payment method .
  4. Add your preferred payment method and then create four-digit pin code .

If you’re going to install apps, chances are you’ll need to pay for them. Oculus lets you add a payment method from the Oculus Go app and then create a PIN for quick verification when you make purchases.