Enjoying your music collections while on the go is easy with Windows Phone. Just sync your media of choice to your device and let Zune or Windows Phone Connector for Mac do the rest. But what if you want to organize your music by mood, easily sync lists, or quickly retrieve your favorite music? This is where playlists come in.

Many people already use playlists in media players. Sorting through 30,000 songs to build a collection of favorites is the task most music fans go through when they want to take their sound on the move. Most devices and smartphones have limited media storage capacity, so while we don’t have 1TB storage options for Windows Phone, it makes sense to navigate through said playlists.

How can this be achieved?

Fortunately, this is relatively easy. Both Zune (Windows) and iTunes (Mac) are used for this. If you already have playlists in any of these programs (depending on the desktop OS you’re using), you’re almost ready to go — get started syncing! If not, be sure to read our step-by-step guides for Windows and Mac.

Setting up Windows Phone Playlists in Windows

The Zune software suite is used to sync Windows Phone to the Microsoft desktop operating system. In this walkthrough, we will use the Zune to create and deploy playlists on our smartphone.

Howto Zune playlist

Step 1 — first things first, launch Zune. When everything is ready, head to your music collection. On the right there will be five filters, we will have to select «playlists» which will display any previously created by us. If you don’t have it (see the image above), then be sure to select «new playlist» to create a new one .

Step 2 — Once you have named the playlist from step 1, you will need to add the songs you want to sync with your Windows Phone. It’s pretty simple — just right-click on the songs, albums, etc. you want to add and select «add to playlist». Choose the correct playlist from the available ones (remember: we can sync more than one playlist on Windows Phone!)