Microsoft OneDrive is a cloud-based storage and sync solution that runs on Macs, PCs, and mobile devices with Internet access. When you install OneDrive on your Mac, either as a standalone app or as part of Office 365, it looks like just another folder. Drag and drop any type of file or folder into your OneDrive folder and the data is instantly saved to your cloud storage system OneDrive .

As of February 1, 2019, OneDrive only supports new installations on Mac OS 10.12 or later. Information in this article applies to macOS Catalina (10.15) through macOS Sierra (10.12)

OneDrive is included with paid Office 365 subscriptions. However, an Office 365 account is not required to access OneDrive on your Mac. You can download the free OneDrive app for this. It comes with 5GB of cloud storage, with more available for a fee.

You can also access your OneDrive folder using a web browser. Browser access lets you use cloud storage on any computing platform you use without having to install the OneDrive app. You can also access OneDrive from your iPhone and iPad by downloading OneDrive app for iOS devices.

About OneDrive for Mac

For OneDrive, you’ll need two main items: a Microsoft account and the OneDrive app for Mac. Both are free.

If you don’t already have a Microsoft ID, go to the Microsoft ID registration screen and select » Create a Microsoft account.» Enter the requested information and create a password. Before you know it, you will have a new Microsoft ID.

Microsoft’s OneDrive may seem like an odd choice for a Mac user to store data in the cloud, but there’s no reason not to use it. Free OneDrive plans for users who don’t subscribe to Office 365 include 5 GB of space.

OneDrive can be used alongside other cloud storage services, including Apple iCloud , dropbox and Google drive . There’s nothing stopping you from using all four and taking advantage of the free storage tiers offered by each service.

Install OneDrive on Mac with macOS Sierra (10.12) or later

With macOS Sierra, the free OneDrive app is available in the Mac App Store, making it easy to install.

  1. Open Mac App Store by clicking its icon in Dock .

    Mac App Store icon
  2. Enter OneDrive in the search bar to find the app.

  3. Click Get next to OneDrive and then Install to download the app.

    OneDrive search results in the Mac App Store
  4. When the download is complete, click the » Open» on the App Store screen.

    OneDrive entry in the Mac App Store
  5. Enter your Microsoft credentials.

    OneDrive setup screen on Mac
  6. Complete the installation by choosing a location for the OneDrive folder by clicking » Choose the location of the OneDrive folder» . You can place it anywhere on your Mac, including your desktop.

    OneDrive folder on Mac

Using OneDrive

OneDrive acts just like any other folder on your Mac. The only difference is that it also stores data on remote OneDrive servers. The OneDrive folder contains the default folders » The documents» » Images» » Attachments» and » General» . You can add as many folders as you like and create any organization system that suits you.

Adding files is as simple as copying or dragging them to your OneDrive folder or subfolder. Once you put your files in your OneDrive folder, you can access them from any Mac, PC, or mobile device that has OneDrive installed. You can also access your OneDrive folder from any computer or mobile device using the web interface.

The OneDrive app works as a menu bar item that includes sync status for files stored in the OneDrive folder. There is also a set of settings that you can customize by selecting the OneDrive menu item and clicking the More button with three dots . You are set up and have 5 GB of free space to use. If you find that you need more cloud storage, it’s available for a reasonable fee.

OneDrive plans

OneDrive currently only offers a few service tiers, including plans related to Office 365.

Plan Storage Price / month
OneDrive Basic 5 GB Total memory 5 GB Free
OneDrive 100 GB Total memory 50 GB $1.99
OneDrive + Office 365 Personal 1 TB per user $6.99
OneDrive + Office 365 Home 1 TB each for 6 users $9.99

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