A Nest Learning thermostat can save you money on your heating and air conditioning bills, but if you can’t keep up with your heating and cooling system maintenance, you probably won’t save as much money as you could. Luckily, your Nest thermostat can remind you to do regular maintenance.

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Of course, your oven and air conditioner do not require too much a lot of maintenance, but the little maintenance that is required is really easy. For example, it is recommended to change the air filter every few months. You may need to change it more or less depending on your usage and household. For example, if you use it less often, you might want to change it less often, but if you have pets, you might want to change it more often.

However, some people may not heed this advice and may have an old air filter that needs to be replaced. While you may have a fancy new thermostat that could save you money over time, a dirty air filter doesn’t do you any good and is one of the easiest home maintenance tasks you can do.

A great feature of the Nest Thermostat is the ability to remind you when you need to change the air filter on your heating and cooling system, so you never forget.

Start by opening the Nest app on your smartphone. The home screen will appear.


Choose your Nest thermostat.


Click on the settings icon in the top right corner.


Select Hardware.


Select Air Filter Reminder.


Click the Air Filter Reminder toggle switch to enable this feature. This will change from gray to blue.


Then select «Last Modified».


Select when the air filter was last changed. If you’re absolutely unsure and worried that some time has passed, change the air filter now before setting up a reminder, and then select «This Month» when you’re done.


You can also set up air filter reminders right from the Nest thermostat itself.

Start by clicking on the device to open the main menu and navigate to «Settings».


Highlight «Reminders» and select it.


Click to continue.


Select Remind me.


Select the month you last changed the air filter.


This is it! You will return to the settings, and now in the «Reminders» field, instead of «No», «Air filter» will appear.


From now on, you will be reminded when it’s time to change the air filter in your heating and cooling system. The Nest thermostat detects when the filter needs to be replaced after 1,000 hours of use, instead of just reminding you at set intervals each time.

For example, if the summer is particularly hot and the air conditioner runs a lot, the nest will likely remind you to change the air filter more often. However, in the fall or spring, when your system may be completely shut down or just running economically, your nest may not remind you to change your air filter often. (Annoyingly, however, you can’t customize this option.)

Be aware that some users have had some issues with the Nest, reminding them to change their air filter, saying that it’s been more than a few months since the reminder was received, and that if your Nest fails, don’t be surprised if the counter resets myself. So if you can, try to follow up on your own and hopefully your Nest will remind you if you forget.

Photo by Evgeny Sergeev / Bigstock and Gnezdo.

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