PayPal has become widely used by small and large businesses. For businesses of all sizes, the ability to accept payments from consumers makes it a must. However, for individuals and small businesses, the ability to create and send invoices makes PayPal a means of simplifying payments. With the PayPal invoicing system, anyone can create and submit invoices to professionalize the company.

But how do you send an invoice? It’s actually quite simple.

Why do you want to send invoices via PayPal?

There are several good reasons why you want to send invoices through PayPal.

  • The most obvious reason is that they provide clients and customers with an easy means to pay for your services/products.
  • There will be a link on the PayPal invoice where customers/customers can click them to redirect them directly to PayPal where they can quickly (via PayPal) pay for what they are being billed for.
  • In addition to being easy to use, sending invoices with PayPal also makes it easier to schedule invoice sending, send reminders for unpaid invoices, log payments, and more.
  • Plus, sending invoices via PayPal is incredibly easy, so it’s a no-brainer for any sole trader or small business.

With that said, let’s see how easy it is to send an invoice via PayPal.

Sending the main invoice

The first type of invoice we will send is a basic click-to-send invoice. This means that you will create an invoice and send it immediately. See: How to create a PayPal account

Let’s say you’ve gone through the PayPal account creation process and are ready to send it.

Screenshot of creating a PayPal account.

The first thing you should do is add an email address to the «Invoice» section in the invoice section. Without this email address, you cannot send an invoice to the recipient.

Screenshot of adding a new billing customer.

Click on the section labeled email address or name (next to Bill) and a drop-down list will open. If this is a new recipient, click Add new client . If this recipient is already saved, you can enter an email address and it will automatically fill in the required details.

Screenshot of the PayPal Invoice Send dropdown.

Once the recipient is in place, complete the rest of the invoice. When finished, scroll down and click drop-down list Send . You will see two options:

  • Submit via PayPal
  • Share the link yourself
  1. Click Submit via PayPal, and the invoice will be sent.

Account planning

Screenshot of PayPal billing scheduling.

What if you don’t want to send an invoice immediately? Say, for example, you want to hold an invoice until the service is completed or the product is ready to ship? To do this, you can easily schedule a date for sending an invoice. It’s very simple.

Scheduling billing time

All scheduled invoices are sent at 7:00 am of their schedule. There is no way to change this time.

Link exchange

What if you prefer to send an invoice by means other than email? Let’s say you have a customer who prefers SMS messages for invoices. Luckily, PayPal has thought of this. To select this option, do the following:

  1. Create your account as usual.

  2. When you’re done, click the » Send» .

  3. Select link «Share» yourself .

  4. When prompted copy link to account .

  5. Paste the copied link into the desired service and submit.

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