Outlook.com, the new face of webmail from Microsoft

Microsoft introduced Outlook.com back in July with the launch of a new web-based email service that will be the successor to the popular Hotmail brand. The move was part of Microsoft’s plan to bring products and services closer together, leading to further integration across Windows, Windows Phone and other platforms.

We’re well aware of large inboxes — we especially have a lot of all sorts of content — that can lead to slow client launches, difficult searches, or push the limit of an account’s potential storage capacity. What can be done to deal with a full (or dirty) email account? Deleting and/or archiving emails is the most efficient way, and there are ways to do it automatically using rules.

Set a cleaning schedule with simple rules

Outlook.com makes it easy to set up a purge schedule that automatically deletes emails older than a certain number of days from a specific email address. If you enjoy receiving newsletters from Amazon or another authorized retailer, you might want to get rid of previous releases so you don’t overwhelm your inboxes — no one wants a previous version that has outdated prices and offers, right?

Outlook Sweep Tutorial

All that is required is to select an email (from the sender to which you want to apply the specified rules) and select «purge» from the main menu. You can then select Scheduled Cleanup from the drop-down menu to create a new rule for that sender. Rules can also be viewed by selecting Manage Rules to view an overview of active account settings (more on this later).