Want to enjoy amazing games in retro style alone or with friends? Do you want to play online for the amazing monster playing first person shooter game? Of course you do!

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Back in 1997, id Software released the source code for doom a groundbreaking 1993 FPS that pits you as a Space Marine against all sorts of demons and beasts on the Martian moon Phobos. Thanks to the available source code, various new forms of the game have emerged in recent years that are ideal for running on the Raspberry Pi.

Yes exactly: doom on the Raspberry Pi. PiDoom anyone?

What you need

You don’t need emulators (like RetroPie or Recalbox) or game ROMs to run this retro classic on your Raspberry Pi. doom can run on the Pi with a simple install of the game engine followed by some WAD files. They contain the actual game data — levels, monsters, weapons, etc. — and come in a variety of topics.

Doom Hardware

However, before we get to that, here’s what you need for PiDoom:

  • A Raspberry Pi 2 or Pi 3
  • Raspbian Jessie installed and ready to use
  • Any USB game controller
  • Any Display
  • doom source

Multiple versions of source code available doom . We will use the option Chocolate Doom which is compatible with most WADs.

Install Doom on Raspberry Pi

To get started, connect your Raspberry Pi 2 or 3 to your display, plug in your keyboard, and boot into Raspbian.

You will need to install the game via the command line, so this step can be done via SSH. if necessary.

On the command line, start by installing the Chocolate Doom dependencies:

sudo apt-get install libsdl-mixer1.2-dev libsdl-net1.2-dev python-imaging 

Once this is done, download the Chocolate Doom code using wget:

 wget https://www.chocolate-doom.org/downloads/2.2.1/chocolate-doom-2.2.1.tar.gz 

doom pi download

Go to www.chocolate-doom.org/wiki/index.php/Downloads to first check the correct filename and download path as this may change for future versions.

Once the download is complete, extract the tar:

 tar xzf chocolate-doom-2.2.1.tar.gz 

Now you can compile Chocolate Doom. Switch directory with:

 cd chocolate-doom-2.2.1 

doom pi set up

Now run the configure routine and then make to compile files. This won’t be fast:

 ./configure make 

Now everything is ready for installation:

 sudo make install 

Install the Doom WAD file on your Raspberry Pi

There are many files available WAD and we’ll look at some of the best alternatives later. Now you will learn how to install WAD using a standard data file. doom . This will add regular cards to the game doom and weapons.

Inside a directory chocolate-doom-2.2.1 run the wget command to download the file DOOM1.WAD :

 wget http://www.doomworld.com/3ddownloads/ports/shareware_doom_iwad.zip 

Since this is a zip file, you need to unpack it. Team unzip will work fine:

 unzip shareware_doom-iwad.zip 

As a result, you will get a file named DOOM1.WAD . Oh and are you ready to play doom on the Raspberry Pi!


Customize Doom

If you have previously issued commands via SSH, now is the time to connect your keyboard to your Raspberry Pi. Alternatively, you can connect via VNC or RDP, but this will result in a slightly choppy game. Of course, stop using the remote connection before you start playing!

launching the Doom Pi installation

Before you can play the game, you need to set up doom . This means starting the installation procedure with the command:


Use this screen to customize your display, sound, keyboard, mouse, game controller, and even start or join an online game (although these last options can be easily controlled from the command line).

doom wee wee

You can operate this configuration menu using the keyboard or mouse.

When you’re done setting, click Save settings and start DOOM . BACH BACH BACH!

Run chocolate doom on the command line

While you may already have Doom running, please note that you don’t have to launch it from the setup tool every time. Instead, there is a simple command line instruction that you can use:

 chocolate-doom -iwad DOOM1.WAD 

This will launch the game in full screen mode. However, this may cause stress on the Raspberry Pi with this screen resolution. For the Raspberry Pi 2, this is especially problematic. So, you may prefer to run doom in windowed mode:

 chocolate-doom -iwad DOOM1.WAD -window 640x480 

These parameters can also be set as permanent in the configuration tool using the option Configure Display .

Best Doom Experience

The way you play doom on the Raspberry Pi, it’s up to you. A big screen with an Xbox game controller might be your preference. You may have already hacked your Pi into a portable gaming machine with a built-in controller.

Or you might like the traditional desktop experience of controlling your spaceship with your mouse and keyboard. After all, that’s how we did it in the 1990s.

doom pi games

I prefer to use the official Raspberry Pi touch screen. customize touch screen which is very easy to set up. After setting up a game controller (Xbox 360 USB controller), I could take my Raspberry Pi just about anywhere — with a portable battery, of course — and play Doom.

With its compact touch screen dimensions and convenient stand, it will fit on shelves, tables… anywhere, really!

Looking for new WADs for PiDoom

If you are looking for a gaming experience doom, which is different from the original, you need to track down some WAD files. Many are available online. The problem is to track them all down.

For example, you can go to the Woms Doom WADs page, where you will find a large selection of downloads.

Alternatively, you can go to DoomWADStation where you will find the settings for your Chocolate Doom installation.

Meanwhile, newer WADs can be found on the DoomWorld.com WAD forum. This site has the largest collection of Doom related material and you can really feel the love for the game there.

Doom II WAD is also playable in Chocolate Doom. Many of them can be found in the idGames archive. Among the options you will find here:

  • Alien-inspired Alien TC
  • Doctor Who Doom, which is apparently a shooter based on a long-running British series Doctor Who .

Finally, if you know specific doom WAD (maybe from a friend, from a magazine, or from reading on the web), just try a direct Google search for that file. Who knows what you will find?

Install multiplayer Doom Deathmatch!

Internet and LAN play are possible with Chocolate Doom. However, simplicity (and hassle-free play) dictates that all Deathmatch players should run Chocolate Doom and the same WAD file before launching.

Whichever multiplayer option you choose, one computer must act as the server to host the game. The host can also play, however. Before proceeding, make sure UDP port 2342 is open on all routers and/or firewalls of all players. Our Port Forwarding Guide can help here.

Placing a deathmatch is as easy as this command:

 chocolate-doom -server -privateserver -deathmatch 

Anyone on the same network as you can join Deathmatch by running Chocolate Doom as described above, adding the -autojoin switch:

 chocolate-doom -WAD DOOM1.WAD -autojoin 

Players wishing to join Deathmatch from outside your network must run:

 chocolate-doom -connect [IP_ADDRESS] 

They will need to be replaced [IP_ADDRESS] to your public IP address, you can find it via whatismyip.com or by checking your router’s web interface.

Alternatives to chocolate death

While we have focused on installing and configuring doom with Chocolate Doom, there are several alternatives. And if you don’t want doom, but you need some FPS action… well, there are a few options for you. The following can be installed directly on the Raspberry Pi without emulation.

dum p fridum

freedoom is an alternative project with free game content based on the engine doom . It consists of three phases: Phase 1, clone doom ; Phase 2 clone Doom II and Final Doom ; and FreeDM, a deathmatch game. Currently freedoom is under active development.

Duke Nukem 3D — is not doom sure, but nonetheless a popular shooter in its day, with many revivals over the years. This is not a very suitable game for children, however, due to the tone of the visuals and dialogue.

Quake III — still popular after all these years, Quake III can be installed on Raspberry Pi.

Wolfenstein 3D — a little older than doom but from the same developers, it can be installed regardless of doom or use as WAD in the engine doom . (We also heard rumors that » Return to Castle Wolfenstein» 2001 will work on Raspberry Pi 3.)

So, if you want to expand your Raspberry Pi’s retro FPS collection with these books, they’re ready and waiting for you to download and install them!

Play Doom and host Deathmatches on your Pi!

Another amazing retro gaming experience has been reborn thanks to the Raspberry Pi! This little computer really continues to amaze, doesn’t it? By now you should be ready to play doom on your mini PC and even have a few friends to play deathmatch.

Chocolate Doom is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux (as well as a Linux alternative BSD), so any desktop operating system can be used to join Deathmatch.

Looking for more classic Raspberry Pi games that can be played without Raspberry Pi emulators that can be played without Raspberry Pi emulators that can be played without emulators ? We will cover you!

Image Credit: Weird Rambuncious via YouTube

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