The hal.dll file is hidden file which the Windows XP uses to communicate with your computer hardware . If a DLL file damaged, damaged or removed, you will receive error message » hal.dll missing or corrupted «. Follow these steps to repair the hal.dll file from a Windows XP CD using recovery console .

Hall.dll errors can occur in Windows 10 , Windows 8 , Windows 7 and Windows Vista ; However, the process hal.dll error fixes in Windows 7, 8, 10 and Vista is different.

How to restore Hal.dll from a Windows XP disc

To restore the missing hal.dll file from the Windows XP recovery disc:

  1. Insert CD disk Windows XP recovery drive .

  2. Log in to the Windows XP Recovery Console .

  3. When you get invitation command line, enter the following and press Enter :

    разверните d: \ i386 \ hal.dl_ c: \ windows \ system32 

    In the given above team sprains d: represents the drive letter assigned to the optical drive that currently contains the Windows XP CD, and c: represents the drive where Windows XP is installed. Drive letters may differ on your computer.

    Spaces are required between the expansion command, the path to the optical drive, and C:\WINDOWS \ system32 \ path .

  4. Enter Y, if prompted to overwrite the file.

  5. Remove the Windows XP CD and enter the command exit and then press the key ENTER, to restart your computer.

Assuming a missing or corrupted hal.dll file was your only problem, Windows XP should now start normally.

Never load the hal.dll file from DLL download site . The file may be outdated, infected with a virus, or incompatible with your system, which can cause even more problems.

How to restore Hal.dll without CD

It is also possible to restore hal.dll without a CD or floppy drive. Search online iso image XP recovery disk and burn the ISO file to a USB stick .

After changing the boot order in the system BIOS and booting from a USB device use this command to copy the hal.dll file to the appropriate location on hard drive :

скопировать f: \ hal.dll c: \ windows \ system32

Replace f: to the drive letter of your USB device.

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