If you have spent a lot of time preparing your Facebook Pages, but didn’t get expected traffic, don’t call it terminated yet. There are many things you can do, even for free, to promote your Facebook Page.

Yes, there are also many paid options for promoting your page, including Facebook ads and boosting posts through Boost Post. However, don’t forget about all the freely available promotional tools you have right now. Include a link to your page in your email signature, add the page plugin to your website, and share the link to your page on your Facebook Timeline . These and other actions improve your pageviews and cost nothing.

Like your own page

Screenshot showing how the Facebook page

Don’t forget to love the page yourself. It’s so easy, but many people forget to do it. Like a Facebook page is the easiest way to promote your page for free, because your Facebook friends see that one of their friends (you) knows about the page and likes something, and they will be more inclined to do it themselves.

Also, don’t forget to send a message to your colleagues and friends and invite them to like the page. You can do it in facebook messenger , e-mail or with any of your other favorite messaging apps.

Share a link to a page on your timeline

Screenshot showing how to share a Facebook page on your own timeline

Submit URL to your Facebook page directly to your timeline for everyone to see. Go to the page and click the » Share» . The pop-up window shows the cover photo of the page and the profile photo.

You can add a short message if you like, but the choice places for its distribution is the most important part of this technique of self-promotion. You can share a page on your own timeline by selecting option » Share on your timeline» at the top of that popup, but there are also options for sharing on a friend’s timeline, sharing in a private message, and more.

When promoting your Facebook page on your timeline, you can also choose who sees it: the public, all your Facebook friends, or just some friends. Pay close attention to what you choose here because when you share with the public you will get better results, your page will also feature people you don’t know, which may or may not be your intention.

Use your business to promote the page

If a Facebook page designed for your business, send an email to your employees encouraging them to like the page and share it with friends and family. Let them know that promoting your Page will help get the title and show people what your business has to offer.

Screenshot of a sample email signature with a link to a Facebook page

An example of an electronic signature.

Another very easy way to promote your business page on Facebook is to include its link in your email signature. If you are not sure how to do this, just write a little at the bottom of the message, or enter your name and company name and paste the link. You will be surprised how many people go to your Facebook page from an email link.

Business cards are another way to promote your business on a Facebook page. Place a link somewhere on the map or create QR code for a map that links directly to your Facebook page.

Another thing you can do to promote your Facebook page through your business is to search Facebook for businesses like yours in your area. Look for people who list it as an interest and reach out to them to like the page.

Add a page plugin to your site

Screenshot of Facebook page plugin settings

One of the coolest ways to promote your Facebook page is to Page plugin . Use it to embed a simple feed of your Facebook Page content into your website. Copy a few lines of code from the page plugin page and paste it into HTML the code your site .

In addition to displaying the cover page on the page, you can enhance your presentation in several ways.

  • On the tab » Timeline ‘ displays the most recent posts on your page’s timeline.
  • Can display tab » Developments ” so that visitors can follow your page events and subscribe to events directly from your website.
  • Tab » Messages «allows visitors to post messages to your Facebook page.
  • Parameter » Adapt to plugin container width» can be used to have the plugin change the width of the parent container on page load, making it look more natural on your website. The minimum value is 180px and the maximum is 500px.
  • Parameter » Show faces of friends» shows the faces of friends who like your page.

Embed posts in your blog

Screenshot showing how to copy the embed code from a Facebook post

Copying the embed code of a Facebook post.

if you have blog you can improve your page’s visibility on Facebook by embedding the page’s post in your blog. To do this, go to the post you want to promote and click/tap the dots in the right corner to find the item menu » Insert» .

You can copy this HTML content into your blog so that visitors can see it and click to go directly to the page.

Go Interactive

Screenshot showing how to make a poll on Facebook

Facebook poll example.

Making your page interactive and graphically appealing are the two most important ways to get likes on your Facebook page. One way to encourage interaction is create interview on your Facebook page which can be done from the area » To write a message» ; just click/tap survey, to start.

Some other simple ways to get more engagement with Facebook and thus promote your page is to create a new event, start live video post vacancies or create suggestions and discounts.

Add some personality

Along with making a page interactive, it’s important to give it a personality so that it looks attractive and interesting. Facebook allows you to upload a logo or photo for your page, but that’s not enough.

Give your page some flash and change photo on the cover for something attractive. An eye-catching look or unusual design gives existing and potential fans a reason to visit your page often, as well as visit your company’s website or blog.

Offer Promotions and Contests

Everyone loves a contest. Everyone loves sales. Let your viewers come back to your page by offering exclusive information or special offers just for them. Whether you’re organizing a contest and announcing the winners, sponsoring a private shopping night for locals, or sharing discounts, you’ll keep your viewers watching and coming back for more.

Interact with your visitors

Comments on your page is a great opportunity to get information about your product or service, respond positively to a negative comment, or otherwise build relationships with people who are interested in what your business does. Respond quickly and respond to any questions to show interest and engagement in your page visitors.

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