Amazon recently added the functionality to order just about any product it offers through Amazon Echo. Here’s how to do it and start shopping online without a single voice.

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Previously, Echo could only reorder items you’ve already purchased in the past, as well as order a few select items. However, the selection has been expanded to include just about everything on the Amazon site. The main caveat is that anything you order with Amazon Echo must be offered through Amazon Prime. Some categories also don’t qualify, including clothing, shoes, jewelry, watches, Amazon Fresh items, Amazon Prime Pantry items, Amazon Prime Now items, and Add-On items.

Other than that, you can go crazy and order all kinds of stuff right from your Amazon Echo. Here’s how to get started.

Enable voice purchases in the Alexa app

First, you need to enable voice shopping, which will allow you to order items on Amazon through Echo in the first place. You can also set a four-digit PIN that Alexa asks for when you buy something on Echo to prevent other people from wasting your money.

Start by opening the Alexa app on your phone and tap the menu button in the top left corner of the screen.


Select «Settings» from the list.


Scroll down and click «Voice Purchases».


Click the toggle switch to turn on voice purchases if you haven’t already.


That’s all you need to do to enable voice shopping, but if you want to prevent others from ordering items in echo, you can click inside the text box right above «Save Changes» and enter a four-digit PIN. It can be either letters or numbers or a mixture of both. Click «Save Changes» when you’re done.


It’s also a good idea to check your one-click settings to make sure you’re using the correct shipping address and credit card when you order by voice on Amazon Echo. To do this. click on «Payment Settings» at the bottom.


Click «Change Payment Method» to make changes.


Select a credit card and then the correct shipping address you would like to use for your voice purchase.

IMG_2772_stopped copy

Back at the Payment Settings screen, click the X button in the top right corner to close it.


You can now exit the Alexa app and start ordering items from Amazon using your Echo device.

Use Amazon Echo to order items


Once you’ve set up voice shopping, it’s time to use the power of your voice to buy things online. All you have to do is just say «Alexa, order (product name)». You can also say something more general, like «Alexa, order some dog food.»

Alexa will then give you the best search result, and if it doesn’t, you can say «No» when it asks if you want to order it and Alexa will read the next result. Just say yes when Alexa reads the item you want and asks if you want to order it. You will then be prompted to enter your voice code if you have it enabled.

Once an item has been ordered, the order information will appear in the Alexa app.


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