The security system is not complete without notifications, especially when you are away from home. Here’s how to manage them in Abode’s home security system.

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To manage notifications, you need to visit the Abode web interface, as the application does not support making these changes, even if there is a menu for this. Once you get to the web interface, log in using your Abode credentials.

After logging in, click «Account» in the sidebar on the left.

Then select Notifications.

From there, there are six categories that you can sift through along the top. You will also see a seventh category if you have integrated Nest products.

Here is a brief breakdown of each category:

  • System modes: notifications when your system is on or off.
  • Alarms and alerts. Notifications when any alarms are triggered.
  • Gateway: Notifications for when your system changes state, like internet goes down, battery backup comes on, etc.
  • Devices: Notifications when a device or sensor changes state.
  • Automation. Notifications for any automations you set up, such as Quick Actions.
  • Connected devices: similar to Devices, but allows you to manage notifications for each individual device or sensor.

To change the notification option for a specific action, you can check or uncheck the boxes on the right side. You can choose between receiving email notifications or push notifications on your mobile device.

You can also select «Custom» which allows you to enable or disable notifications based on the system’s armed or disarmed status. When you select this, click «Settings» to access these settings.

From there, you can choose which notifications to receive depending on the state of the system.

You may notice that some checkboxes are greyed out and cannot be changed. These items are considered important and Abode does not allow you to turn off notifications for these specific items.

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