Haven’t you heard? 8-bit is the new black. We’ve done it with today’s ultra-high density displays: we want to see our pixels again!

Pixel jewelry and accessories are the last essentials for any geek — but they are surprisingly easy to make and a lot of fun. I’m here to show you how to DIY this week’s project.

This project is perfect for kids, although obviously you’ll want to get to grips with the ironing part. Of course, they probably won’t understand any of the early video game references, which is why I’ve listed a few sites where you’ll find plenty of extra designs — Disney movie characters, cute animals, etc. Don’t think that’s the case. limited to video games and internet memes.

Step 1: You will need

How to Make Your Own Retro 8-Bit Accessories

  • Hama/Perler Bead Starter Kit ($40) — Contains 12,000 assorted beads, pegboards, and tweezers.
  • baking sheet
  • Ordinary hair bands or hair clips
  • Iron

To make a pendant, you will also need

  • Suede strap
  • Small and large jump rings — regular silver or different colors.
  • Cord ends
  • Clasp
  • Pliers

Alternatively, you can buy ready-made hanging cords for less than a dollar each, but you’ll still need a few jump rings and pliers to attach the design.

Step 2: Find a Design

How to Make Your Own 8-Bit Retro Accessories

Minecraft gives users the freedom to create their own pixel art within the game itself — and these designs are perfect for our needs.

Pinterest is also happy to see what others have done with solid beads, although sometimes you will need to deduce designs from corner photos.

DeviantArt user Hamagirl has some great designs, but a quick search of the entire site for «hama» will reveal much more.

Pixel Stickers [больше не доступны] have a limited range of high quality designs in their gallery — they sell a similar product as stickers that you can stick to the wall rather than glue beads together — an alternative you might want to consider though is significantly more expensive. The design applies equally to Hama beads, obviously.

Of course, Etsy is also a great source of inspiration. PuffyTheSlayer seems to be one of the most prolific balloon and pixel designers out there, with plenty of original and cute designs worth trying out.

Finally, don’t forget that you can also go looking for whimsical cross stitch patterns, although they tend to be on a slightly larger scale, so the designs are more suitable for 3D wall murals than jewelry and accessories.

Step 3: Build the Design on the Pegboard

How to Make Your Own Retro 8-Bit Accessory

Using tweezers, copy the design onto the banner. Because most designs have outlines, you’ll likely find yourself running out of black or white beads soon — additional packs of individual colors can be purchased cheaply.

If you purchased the same starter kit as I did, the two square boards can be cut to make larger designs. Most small projects can be done in less than half an hour once you start the rhythm.

Step 4: Fuse Beads

When the design is complete, place a sheet of baking paper on top — you can reuse old sheets quite a few times. Gently point the iron at him, trying to always move around and not linger in one particular place. Try to get even lighting and don’t push down if you don’t want your subject to be flat. When you’re done, put something flat and heavy on top for about 10 minutes while it cools down.

When you take it off the hanger, the opposite side will still look like a bead — feel free to iron it again if you want both sides to be flat and melted.

Step 5: Making the Pendant

How to Make Your Own Retro 8-Bit Accessory

Start by attaching a large adapter ring to the top of the structure — don’t worry if the holes are completely fused together as you can still pierce it. Pass the cord through the adapter ring.

Then cut the cord to the required length and attach the «cord ends». Twist the cord by pushing it through if it seems too thick. When you’re done, crimp them with pliers and attach a small ring to each. This is a really difficult step, but you will get the hang of it eventually. Then attach the male and female clasp, then close the rings.

Step 6: Other Accessories

How to Make Your Own Retro 8-Bit Accessory

Your design is also easy to attach to a hair clip or hair hoop using strong contact adhesive (not Super glue ). If you’re making a headband, you’ll need to remove the design from the peg while it’s still warm and flexible — you don’t need to glue it onto the headband just yet, but bend it over and let it cool. correct form.

If you don’t like decorations and accessories, you can also make great coasters, fridge magnets, or wall art. What will you do?

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