If you have a Netloar Arlo Pro camera system, the all-wireless options are sure to come in handy. However, there may be some other features that you are missing out on.

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The Arlo Pro system requires a central hub that connects to a router, but in addition, any cameras you set up can be completely wireless because they are battery powered and use Wi-Fi for data transfer. But here are some other features you might want to know about.

Set up and install cameras quickly and easily

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The camera position can be somewhat tricky if you’re not seeing a live image, especially if there’s a slight delay. However, the Arlo Pro comes with a «Position Mode» that helps in these cases.

Just go to Settings > My Devices and select your camera. Then click «Position Mode». You’ll get a more lively, no-frills camera image that’s more responsive and less laggy, helping you set up your camera quickly.

Share access with other household members

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You are probably not the only one in your home who would benefit from being alerted and seeing your Arlo cameras in real time. The good news is that you can share access with other people.

Just open the settings in the Arlo app and click «Grant access». From there, you can invite other family members to get the Arlo app and access your home’s channels.

Improve battery life

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You you can leave your Arlo cameras plugged in so you never have to recharge them, but if they’re on battery it can be beneficial to extend the charge as long as possible.

There are a few things you can do, such as reduce video quality, keep your camera out of a cold environment, ensure a strong Wi-Fi connection, and more. Check out our guide for the full rundown.

Download recordings to your phone

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If you want to save a particular record, the Arlo Pro system allows you to do so. This is a great feature as the videos won’t be stored in the cloud forever.

Just open the Arlo app and click «Library» at the bottom. From there, select the entry and click «Upload» at the bottom. The video will be saved to your phone’s camera.

Save recordings locally as a backup

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If you’d like to have all of your recordings saved locally to a flash drive or hard drive, you can do that too. Recordings will still be stored in the cloud, so think of it as some form of backup.

Your Arlo Pro system has to format the drive first, but after that you can go to Settings > My Devices > select the base station > Local Storage and then turn on «Record from USB device».

Creating Custom Recording Modes

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By default, there is no recording mode that allows your Arlo cameras to record motion, but does not send you an alert, which is handy to create your own recording modes.

To do this, tap Modes at the bottom of the main screen, select your base station, and then tap Add Mode. Customize it the way you want and you’re off to the races.

Rename cameras

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When you first set up an Arlo Pro camera, they are referred to by their serial numbers, which isn’t all that useful. Luckily, you can rename cameras to whatever you want.

Just go to Settings > My Devices and click on the camera you want to rename. From there, click on «Name» and enter whatever name you want to give.

Mute camera microphone

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You may not need a microphone on some of your Arlo cameras, but thankfully you can turn off the microphone if you want and maybe squeeze out a little more battery life.

Go to Settings > My Devices and tap on the camera you want to mute the microphone on. From there, select «Sound Settings» and turn off the microphone. From the same screen, you can also turn off the camera speaker.

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