«Turn off and on again» advice to fix a wide range of problems, including driver errors or software glitches, doesn’t work when the computer doesn’t turn off completely. In most cases function quick launch Windows 10 controls the type of computer restart.

The instructions in this article apply to Windows 10 only.

Windows 10 Quick Launch Feature

The reason for Windows 10 sources not shutting down completely is the Fast Startup feature, which allows the computer to start up faster from hibernation. This process is useful in most cases for quickly setting up and starting the computer, but sometimes it can «hang» and may not be a powerful enough shutdown to resolve certain system errors.

If all you have to do is perform a full, real restart to fix the crash or let the software install or uninstall completely, then don’t use the shutdown utility — use the restart feature instead. Restarting clears memory and refreshes the Windows kernel, as if the computer were turned off and on again.

How to force Windows 10 to shut down

  1. Try an alternate shutdown method

    Try different methods to force quit. First, on the keyboard, press and hold pressed key » shift», while pressing » Food» > » Switch off» in menu » Start» or on the lock screen. This approach bypasses the fast startup feature and puts the system in a shutdown state.

    Another way to do this is with command line . On the keyboard, press Win+R (Win is the Windows logo key). In the text field, enter cmd . At the command line, run the following command:

    выключение / с / ж

    At off addition flag /t xx where xx — time in seconds, delays shutdown. For example, shutdown /s/f/t 60 stops the system in one minute. Without this additional switch, the system stops immediately.

  2. Run Windows Troubleshooter

AT menu » Start» enter » elimination malfunctions» and select » Troubleshooting (system settings)» in the search results.

AT window » Troubleshooting» on section » Find and fix other problems» select » Food» > » Run Troubleshooter» .

Allow the troubleshooter to run, then select » Close» .

Troubleshooting Power


Avoid abrupt power cycles, i.e. when you literally pull the plug or press and hold the power button for 15 seconds to cause the equipment to shut down immediately. These processes prevent Windows from writing temporary files to disk, making it more likely that you mess up an important system file or lose your work.

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