Google Daydream offers a new way to interact with your world in virtual reality. With the remote, you are afforded a greater degree of ability to easily navigate from one menu to another with aplomb and ease. At least when the remote works as it seems. While controller drift during video can be distracting, if it pops up while playing it can seriously knock you off your feet. Luckily, there are a few different ways to fix this problem so it doesn’t ruin your VR experience.

Update your software

If your controller is behaving weird the first time you enter Daydream mode, then it might be ridiculously easy to fix. Open Google Daydream in the Google Play Store. From here, make sure your Daydream app is fully up to date.

If an update is required, install it and then register to make sure the controller is working properly. If it still works, go to the settings menu and make sure your android software is up to date. Although this does not work in all cases, a number of users have reported that updating their software fixes the misalignment issues.

Click on your controller

One of the easiest troubleshooting methods requires you to troubleshoot the controller directly. While it seems a little odd, it looks like a hard press on the back of the controller can solve a lot of drift issues. It doesn’t require a lot of force, and it’s easy enough that you can do it without even removing your Daydream headset from your face.

What you want to do is flip it over and place the controller in your hand with the touchpad facing down. From there, you want to lightly touch the back of the controller where the touchpad is. You don’t want to hit the controller when you do this. Rather, you should aim for a solid tap.

Recalibrate the controller on a hard surface