Your email is secure and searchable in macOS Mail — it is available anywhere on the IMAP server and is available for download as mbox file .

Mbox files store emails in a simple transferable format that can be easily imported into other email programs and operating systems.

How to Export a macOS Mail Folder to an Mbox File

Export from macOS Mail very simple. Follow these simple instructions to save an email folder as an mbox file using MacOS Mail:

  1. With Mail open, select the mailbox or folder you want to convert to an mbox file.

    You can select multiple mailboxes or folders by holding key command, and then selecting the individual folders you want to include. To select multiple folders in a continuous row, select the first item, then hold key Shift and select the last element; macOS will highlight all items included between the two selected items.

  2. From the menu bar select Mailbox > Export mailbox…

  3. Select the destination folder for the mbox file, then select » Choose» . The new mbox file will be saved to the selected destination.

The default destination folder will be desktop.

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