If you’re using the Echo Spot as a bedside alarm, you might find it helpful to turn on night mode. This feature changes the background to black and dims the screen so it doesn’t blind you at night when you’re trying to sleep.

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Before we start showing you how to turn on night mode, keep in mind that it only dims the screen by a certain percentage. So if you have an Echo Spot at full brightness of 100%, Night Mode will not dim the brightness to its minimum setting. Whereas if you have the screen brightness at 50% or so, the screen will be dimmer in night mode.

I would really like the screen to be completely dimmed, even at 100% brightness — maybe Amazon will release a software update in the future to address this issue, but keep that in mind for now.

To enable night mode, start by swiping down from the top of the screen and then tap on the settings gear icon.

Scroll down and then tap Home & Clock.

Click «Night Mode» at the bottom.

Next, tap the «Night Hours» toggle.

After that, you can click on the «Scheduled» option if you want to turn Night Mode on and off automatically at a specific time.

You may find that even at the dimmest settings, the screen can be too bright, especially if you like to sleep in total darkness. However, I was personally pleased with how dim the screen became in Night Mode — it never blinded me, but I could still easily see the time when I looked at it.

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