If you have guests who want to use your Wi-Fi, you want to give it to them…but you may not want them to access other devices on your network. Google WiFi makes it very easy to create a «guest network» that gives them access to the internet but blocks them from accessing files on your local network or other network devices.

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This feature is especially useful if you share files on your home network that may contain sensitive information. Of course, you probably trust whoever you specifically allow on your Wi-Fi network, but you can never be too careful.

To get started, open the Google WiFi app on your phone and tap the tab with the settings gear icon and three other circles.

Click on «Guest Wi-Fi» at the bottom.

Click «Next» in the lower right corner.

Give your guest Wi-Fi network a name and password, and then click Next.

Click «Next» when the following screen appears.

On this screen, you can allow access to certain devices on your primary Wi-Fi network on your Guest Wi-Fi network. So if you have a NAS, you can select it from this list so guests can access it if they want. Once you’ve selected your devices, click «Create» at the bottom, or click «Skip» if you don’t want to.

Give the app a few minutes to create the guest Wi-Fi network.

Once your guest Wi-Fi network has been created, click Finish on the next screen. If you have made a device available to guest users, they can do so by visiting the . Currently only Philips Hue is supported, but it allows guests to control your lights even if they don’t have the Hue app installed on their phone.

Click Done again.

On the next screen, you can click «Share» to send your guest Wi-Fi network information to other users by texting or emailing them.

After all, you may not want your guest Wi-Fi network to be on all the time since most of your guests can be sure they are on your main Wi-Fi, but in cases where you may not want network files or devices to be available, creating a separate guest Wi-Fi network is the way to go.

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