The Netgear Arlo camera system automatically records video when motion is detected, and you can view these videos in the Arlo app. But you can also download recordings directly to your phone so you can share or view them as you please.

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Netgear keeps recordings from Arlo cameras for up to seven days, unless you pay for a subscription, which is usually more than enough to watch before they disappear. However, if you need to keep recordings longer, you don’t have to pay for an upgraded plan — just download the video.

Open the Arlo app on your phone and tap the Library tab at the bottom.

Select a date up to find a specific entry. Dates with green dots below them indicate the days the motion-detected video was recorded (plus, you still can’t select dates that don’t have green dots).

Once you find the video you want to download and save, there are two different download methods. The first option is to open the video (which will play automatically) and then click Download at the bottom.

If you haven’t given the app permission to access your phone’s photo gallery, it will ask you for permission here to save the entry to your phone.

The second way to download a recording is to return to the main library screen and click on the ellipses next to the video you want to save.

From there select «Download».

As with the first method, the video will take a few minutes to load (depending on the size of the video) and will be saved to your phone’s photo gallery, from which you can do whatever you want with it.

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