Some of the latest trainers include the ability to connect to an Apple Watch to automatically sync data. If you don’t want the pairing process to happen automatically, you can disable the discovery of exercise equipment on your iPhone. Here’s how.

Open the Clock app on your iPhone.

Apple iPhone Apple Watch App New

From the main menu, click on the «Workout» option, located halfway down the list.

Apple iPhone Apple My Watch Menu

Scroll down to the bottom of the list and turn off «Exercise Detection».

Apple iPhone Apple Watch App Workout Menu

If you ever want to undo a setting, you can go back to the Workouts menu and turn Trainer Detection back on.

That’s all. Your Apple Watch will no longer automatically detect and connect to a GymKit compatible trainer.

If you still want to sync data from your smart trainer to your Apple Watch, you can even with auto-discovery turned off. All you have to do is open the workout app on your watch and then hold your watch close to your device.

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