Losing your iPad may be uncomfortable. And it’s even worse if someone steals it and can access the apps and information you store on it. But if your tablet goes missing, you have the option to stop someone else: delete it remotely.

Even if you still have an iPad, removing it can help you access it if, for example, you don’t remember your password . Here’s how to do it.

To remotely delete an iPad, you must have Find My iPad turned on. Go to Settings and tap your name at the top, then go to iCloud > Find My iPad and tap the toggle to activate it.

How to Erase iPad Using a Mac or Windows Computer

  1. Visit site www.icloud.com in a web browser and sign in with your Apple ID and password.

    If you are logging in to your computer for the first time, you will receive notifications on your devices to confirm the request.

    How to Delete or Erase iPad Remotely
  2. Click Find iPhone .

    How to Delete or Erase iPad Remotely
  3. Re-enter your password if the site requires you to sign in.

    How to Delete or Erase iPad Remotely
  4. The map will appear with all your iOS and Mac OS devices represented by green circles. Click » All Devices» at the top of the screen and select your iPad from the list.

    How to delete an iPad remotely
  5. The window will appear in the upper right corner of the browser. There are three buttons in this window: Play Sound, Lost Mode and Erase iPad.

    How to delete an iPad remotely
  6. Play Sound offers your iPad to make a beep to help you find it if you’re in its general location but don’t know exactly where it is.

    How to delete an iPad remotely
  7. Lost Mode will lock your device without erasing it. You can also display a message with your phone number on the screen so that the person who finds it can contact you.

    How to Delete Your iPad Remotely
  8. To return the device to the same state in which you purchased it, when all data is deleted, click » Erase iPad» .

    How to delete an iPad remotely
  9. After you confirm your choice, iPad will restart the next time you connect to the Internet, if it hasn’t already.

How to Erase iPad with iPhone or Other iPad

Make sure the device you’re using and the iPad you want to reset are signed in with the same Apple ID, then follow these steps:

  1. Run Appendix » Find iPhone» and enter your Apple ID password. Select your iPad from the list of devices displayed on the screen.

    Finding a device in Find My iPhone
  2. Click Actions at the bottom of the screen, then click » Remove iPad» and confirm your request.

    How to Delete Your iPad Remotely
  3. The iPad will restart if it has internet access. Otherwise, it will be reset the next time you connect.

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