Nothing pulls you out of an immersive experience like a reminder that you’re wearing a headset. For some VR owners, this reminder happens when light enters the headset and bounces off the lenses. PlayStation VR owners don’t have this problem, but some notice it’s out of the corner of their eye when playing particularly dark games out of the corner of their eye. This is a distracting, temporary effect that all PlayStation VR owners have to deal with, but if you know how you can avoid it most of the time. Here’s what you need to know!

Moore effect

The OLED display inside your PlayStation VR is fantastic, making it feel like there’s almost no door-to-door effect, but there’s a downside to using this display technology. If a game maker wants to paint a dark room or hallway and uses many shades of black that aren’t quite black, you see this black blur or green haze in the black areas.

It’s called the Moura effect, and it’s something that’s affecting every VR headset right now. OLED displays show deep blacks when turned off completely, but when they need to show something close to black, they turn on at the lowest power possible. If the area does not receive proper stress, the color balance may be affected. Some users call this clouding or blurring, and it affects a lot more than just VR headsets.