You can create a document for free with the ability to fill out a form in almost any version Microsoft Office word. The exceptions are Word Online (Word 365) and mobile apps for iOS and Android. This tutorial will only cover Word for Windows.

The form data you create may include the ability to select a date, select a checkbox, choose Yes or No, and so on. Before you can customize these «controls,» as they’re called, you’ll need to add the Developer tab to Microsoft Word. You can create and customize any form data using this tab.

How to Add a Developer Tab in Microsoft Word

Screenshot of ribbon customization options in Microsoft Word 2016.

To add a Developer tab in Word 2016, 2013, 2010:

  1. Select File in the top menu.

  2. Then select Options .

  3. Select » Customize Ribbon » .

  4. In the right pane of the Customize Part of the Ribbon dialog box, select Main tab» .

  5. Check the box for developer .

  6. Click OK .

In all versions of Microsoft Word that support it, you add a Developer tab in the Ribbon Preferences. Once you’re there, all you have to do is check one box and click » OK», so that the «Developer» tab appears.

To add a Developer tab in Word 2007:

  1. Click Microsoft Office .

  2. Then select Word variant .

  3. Select Popular .

  4. Check box for Tab Show Developer in Ribbon .

  5. Click OK .

Word Online in Office 365 has a File menu but no Options; you will need to be working in the full version of Word if you want to use the Developer tab.

How to create a fill form in Word using a checkbox

Word has several types of fillable forms. They are called «controls». The options are in the Controls group on the ribbon. You can turn on checkbox a date picker, a combo box you create, dropdowns, and more. These controls are on the Developer tab.

Screenshot of the Microsoft Word Developer tab with the checkbox checked.

To create a simple form to fill out in Word by checking the box:

  1. Enter text, to apply the checkbox. Examples include:

    • «Choose promotional letters.»
    • «I agree to the terms and conditions set out in this document.»
    • «I completed all the tasks.»
  2. Select tab Developer .

  3. Place the cursor in Start written proposal.

  4. Check box Content Control, which adds a checkmark. (It has a blue check mark on it.)

  5. Select where — then in the document to apply it.

To remove any fillable entry, right-click it and select Remove Content Management. Then use the Delete key on your keyboard to delete whatever is left. In some cases, simply clicking «Delete» is enough.

How to make a form in Word with date control

Screenshot of Word

You add a Date control on the Developer tab so that users can select a date from the pop-up calendar that appears when they click the control.

To add a fillable Date Control form:

  1. Place cursor in document, in which you want to add the date control.

  2. Select tab Developer .

  3. Select element tool content management choice dates, to insert a date control.

  4. Choose somewhere outside new records, to apply it.

How to make a form in Word for a combo box

Screenshot showing how to create a completed form in a combo box in Word.

If you want users to select something from a list you provide, use a combo box. After creating a field using the Developer tab options, you access the Properties options to enter the available options. In this example, you will create a dropdown list for a party invitation with options such as Yes, No, Maybe.

To create a combo box to create a form in Word:

  1. Write a sentence that will precede the options you provide. Examples include:

    • «Will you attend the party?»
    • «Will you bring the dish to the party»
  2. Select tab Developer .

  3. Place cursor in document where you want the options to appear.

  4. Select field content control icon co list . (It is usually located to the right of the blue flag icon.)

  5. On the tab » Developer » In chapter » Controls » select « Properties» .

  6. Click Add .

  7. Enter Yes and press OK .

  8. Click Add .

  9. Enter Not and press OK .

  10. Click Add more once.

  11. Enter May be and press OK .

  12. Make any other changes (if desired).

  13. Click OK .

  14. Choose somewhere outside fields to apply it; select inside boxes to see how it works.

Create more free shapes in Word

There are other types of form settings that you can create in Word. When experimenting with them, you usually work in the following order:

  1. Enter opening sentence or paragraph.

  2. Place cursor where you want to add the new control.

  3. Select element controls in the Controls group on the Developer tab (mouse over any control to see its name).

  4. If applicable, select Properties .

  5. Customize properties, required for the selected control.

  6. Click OK .

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